Saturday, March 6, 2010


So, I found a new fabric store yesterday, up in Manassas.  Its the Old Town Needleworks shop.  Its stock full of fabric, and yarn, and other needleworking stuff.  The fabrics were awesome and wonderful.  I got some fabric to make springtime placemats - hopefully the pattern I'm going to use will be pretty.  I don't know yet....thinking I might have to change my mind about what I was going to do.  I have to decide.
Anyway, here is the fabric - some of the colors aren't great so I have to retake a couple but I'll take pics when the placemats are finished. 
This is the main fabric.  The other colors I chose were tone on tone orange, a tone on tone green, and a lilac, which all match the colors in this pattern perfectly.  Very bright and cheerful. :-)

I will surely be going back to THAT shop!  And the people were really sweet too.  I don't get that so much in the shops around here.  It's a good thing that shop is pretty far away -  I could see me going in every day to gawk at all the pretty fabrics!

Today I need to finish my Irish wall hanging.  I have the top done but have to satin stitch around the applique, add a few things, put the backing and batting on, and the binding.  I also want to figure out what pattern to do for the placemats (thinking at this point they may just be strips).

The sun is shining and its windy out but its supposed to warm up a little later.
Jenns bd is tomorrow.  I know she doesn't feel good and that sucks for her.
My foot is killing me - good reason to go sew.  Hehe
Off to take a shower and get fixed up even if we aren't going anywhere. 
Tony took the blankets off the horses and they all look good. I think Blaze may have lost a tad bit of weight and that's a good thing.  Blue is handsome and beautiful and Bridget, well, is Bridget.  Silly girl.

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