Wednesday, March 24, 2010

New fabric!

Ok, I'm addicted. I saw this batik fabric and I LOVE it and it was calling my name.  I wish I could have afforded to get 6 yards of it!
I also saw the pattern I'm going to use for it.  I can hardly wait to get started!  I have so many other blocks I HAVE to make first tho.  Ok, so here it is.
This is beautiful and the picture does not do it justice.

This is the other fabric I bought with it - but come to find out, I like some fabric I have here even better!  LOL  That's ok - this fabric will go somewhere, some time.  ha ha

OK, so, these colors don't really show that well.  The left is purple, the center green, and the right is more pink than it really looks.  But they'll work.

This is the applique sheet I'm going to use.  I can hardly wait - but I have to download the instructions - I was so busy trying to make sure I knew how the pattern worked. that I forgot to ask how the applique stuff works!  Duh.
So, you take this petal looking pattern, and you cut each one in half, and use it to make petals.  You cut a 8" square of background fabric, and then put the fabric you want to use for the petals (the first fabric in my pics) and you attach it to the triangle.  Its complicated - but simple.  Too hard to explain.  Anyway, I can hardly wait!  Hehe.

So, can you see the words around the fabric?  It's pretty cool - I didn't realize this had those words till I got home and looked at it.   Here are some close ups.
So, how cool is that?  There are more but I don't want to smother the post with pics.  And, it's late, so I gotta get to bed and dream of my new quilt!  :-)


mareshavefun said...

LOVE IT!!!! Oh the possibilities.

Okay, I'm still confused on the petal applique... I'll wait until I see yours. I see what you mean about the colors not coming thru well on the other 3, it did look kinda off, but I trust that they were beautiful. Good job and I think we need to start looking for a Fabricholic meeting to go to LOL

mainer said...

Very nice! And I got through!

MarthaVA said...

Thanks Judee!

Mary, yep. Fabricholic meeting - fur shure! LOL
I am afraid to start the petal thing. I may have to take it to the store, and ask them more instructions, but I may just give it a shot. We'll see!