Saturday, March 13, 2010

My quilting adventures (and lessons)

Ok, so I got in a hurry to finish my Irish quilt (Patricl Lose pattern).  I was so happy and enjoying the adventure of my newly found ability to do free motion quilting (fmq) that I was busy as a beaver and very focused on getting done.  I was switching out thread so I could match the fabrics, and going strong...............only to realize right near the end (last thing I was fmq-ing) that I had changed all the bobbins to match the top thread - WRONG.  I should have had the bobbin be only green all the way thru.  DUH!  Where was my brain???  The back looks really bad.  Not only because of the different color threads...............but.............I had used the spray adhesive on the backing and the top, and I thought I'd smoothed everything out.  NOT.  There is a long piece where its folded over - just a bit but it looks terrible.  If it weren't a wall hanging and it was a quilt, I'd be really messed up cuz I'd HAVE to remove all those stitches!  Yikes.  So from now on I have to be VERY careful. 

But its almost done - just gotta put a hanging sleeve and a label on it. Then it'll be done.  I need to hand stitch the hanging sleeve on and its ready to go but I'm just too pooped tonight.  So that'll be tomorrow's project.  I hope to get that done, and also get the strips cut to make the place mats for my MIL.  I think the fabric is so cheerful!  :-)  I can hardly wait to work on it.  Finally found a pattern that I like too.  Its perfect for what I want to do and the fabric I got, I think.  I hope.  I hope I have enough to make them 4, but if not, I'll make 2 and make matching pot holders or a hot pad for the table.

Tuesday is the strips class.  :->  I get to use my Moda fabric strips and the backing and the Insul - Brite for the first time.  Yehaw!  I have to work on getting everything together that I need for Tues (another project for tomorrow).

After the strips class, and the place mats are done, I have to work on my blocks for the guild, and my BOM for the forum.  I think I'll pop over there now since I haven't been there in awhile!

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