Thursday, August 25, 2011

Thankful Thursdays, Earthquakes, & Storms

It seems this is the only time I'm posting.  I haven't really felt very positive lately, so posting isn't something I feel is a good thing to do if I can't be positive.
I AM glad I'm doing Thankful Thursdays.  Keeps me on track knowing that I really DO have a lot to be thankful for!
Today, I'm thankful for

1.  That we had the money to have a whole-house filter put on the well pump, so we have clean water.
2.  That the quake didn't do any damage to our home or it's inhabitants.
3.  That my friends and family survived the recent weather unscathed.
4.  That my husband is staying sane, no matter how insane I get.
5.  That I have friends I can talk to and depend on.
6.  For all the good things in my life.

We were hit by the earthquake earlier this week.  We live about 30 miles from the epicenter.  I was actually in my car, in Culpeper, next to the hospital.  I thought that something was wrong with the car.  Actually, first, I thought I'd driven thru some really big dips in the road, but when I looked in my mirror, there weren't any dips in the road.  Then I thought there was something wrong with the car.  When I started pulling over and slowing down, everything was ok.  So I drove into the hospital parking lot with my dog Evan in the back seat.  We got out of the car, and I noticed a lot of hospital personnel milling around outside.  Many of them were really glad to see Evan.  After all, he's a therapy dog!  They told me it had been an earthquake.  Since I wasn't inside, I missed a lot of what others felt.  I got on the phone (cell would not go thru so used the hospital phone) and got hold of hubby.  He said he grabbed the little pup, Gabbi, and ran outside. Amazingly, he said the horses didn't even care - they just kept eating.  Hmmm.  Others that I know with horses have told m the horses go nuts!  How cool that ours don't really care the earth is shaking!  At least everyone at home was safe.  So I hung around the hospital.  The Pink Lady and myself and Evan took the stairway up to the next floor to start visiting the patients. So many of the hospital staff wanted to pet Evan and be distracted by him.  It felt like I was in the right place at the right time.  Unfortunately, during the time we were there, we got a phone call just as we started the visitations of patients, and we were told all volunteers were to leave the hospital.
I'd been having some tummy troubles off and on.  I have chalked it up to the fact that I'm pretty nervous about an upcoming surgery, and the pre-surgery prep involved.  On top of that, we had the earthquake, and on top of that, the evening of the earthquake, our water started turning dark - you could literally see the silt floating in the water.  It got really disgusting - like MUD.  I put a HELP out on Facebook, and I got an answer back that made sense.  Call the water company in town.  We are on well water, and a couple of people told us the stream our well comes from got stirred up - which makes perfect sense.  Earthquakes usually cause a tsunami so that's what happened to our stream underground - it got all shook up.  We had to pay $500 for a whole-house water filter to be put on the well pump, but hey, I'd been asking for one of those for 6 years.  So I was ok with that! 

Evan and I came home and we checked to see if anything was out of place.  Nothing really serious - a few things had shuffled, but that was it.

My friend who just moved into her new house had all her screens pop off.  She also had some things fall off the walls. 

Today we just got thru with a pretty severe thunderstorm.

And Saturday we have Hurricane Irene to look forward to.  Although, I think, according to the projected path, we will luck out and not get a lot of wind or rain or damage.  We are praying.  They are saying the worst of it will hit East of I95, and we are West.  So keeping our fingers crossed!

Weaving:  I finally got a warp wound, and was trying to put it on the loom.  I made a lot of mistakes, and I ended up dumping that warp.  Luckily it wasn't expensive yarn.  Less than $10 I think.  I will try it again but have to find those colors again.  Or not. I do have a variegated with all the colors in it, and I could use that for warp and weft although it's not what I would be the easy way out.  LoL

I then picked up the very overly-expensive gold rayon chenille that I had bought for another project but didn't use due to some advice I'd gotten about mixing the chenille with boucle' and how it might not hold and might worm.  So I picked it up and wound a warp about 120" long, and 12 inches wide.  I'm using a 10 dent reed.  I got it wound and threaded thru the reed, trying to double and triple check my work.  Then I got it threaded thru the heddles (my NEW shiney heddles that are nice and clean) and then got the thing wound on the loom.  I'm having some issue with the ratchet and pawl when moving the warp onto the cloth beam.  Other than that the little Baby Wolf is doing well! 

Oh, the lady had forgotten to give me the bars that tie onto the the beams.  They are flat.  So I bought dowels to do it with.  I'm thinking my dowels might be a bit big....but it seemed to work ok. 

So I'm weaving away on Baby.  I'm sitting in my office chair that swivels and changes heights, but I don't think it's high enough as my shoulder muscles in my back are bothering me some.  I have the bench from Lulu (the Nilus Leclerc loom I have) but I dislike sitting on that bench.  I think I'll be looking (again) for an office chair that can sit up a bit higher than the one I have.   I have a very short body, but longer legs, and the position just isn't that great for me. 

But I am enjoying weaving on the Baby, who doesn't have a name yet.....Lulu told me her name right away.  Baby isn't being as forth coming.........she belonged to her previous owner for 14 years, so maybe she's just homesick or being shy.

We are ready for anything else that happens, I hope.  This has been a rough summer for us.  Not only weather, but unforeseen situations that have cost more money than we wanted to spend, and now me having surgery in September.  Not a good year......

Weavin Happy

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