Thursday, August 18, 2011


So, I have a new Baby Wolf loom.  Ok, well, it's new to me.  :-)  I love it.  I haven't had a chance to weave on it yet.  She (or he) doesn't have a name yet either.  It's an older model and the back beam doesn't come off, although, I'm not sure it can't come off.  I'm wondering if I can convert it.....but that's for a future time.  wink wink

Here are photos - back and front:
And here is the four (yes, 4) yards of fabric I wove from the variegated Peaches and Cream yarn I found at Wal Mart - yes, I said P&C not S&C.  :-)  I love this fabric.  I think I'm going to make a jacket.  It might not look very good on me, but I love these colors.  Although, I wish I'd be knowledgeable enough to know how to pool the colors..............

I love the way the yarn makes the patterns - the sides are so different from the center.  It's GREAT!  Easy weaving and yet such a great design.  :-)

I warped the Baby Wolf, but, I messed up.  I started, then stopped, then started another day.  When I started, I began with 4,3,2,1.  When I started again, I started with 1,2,3,4.  For anyone who weaves, you'll know, that's not a good thing.  I found this only after I threaded ALL the heddles...and then, as I was checking, I found a thread dead center that didn't get threaded.  Well, I gotta go back and re thread all of THOSE heddles along with the first set that I did initially so the first ones match the rest of the heddles.  Geesh.  Dumb mistakes I just keep on making.  Don't know why I'm not more careful and conscious!  It's my own fault, it's not hard or anything.  Goodness.  I just don't pay enough attention.  Oh well.

Tomorrow I'm going to Joann's Fabric and Crafts because they have Simplicity patterns on sale.  I will find something for a pullover blouse, that doesn't require stretch fabrics.  I also want a simple jacket pattern.  I have one, but am kind of looking for something different, but may end  up sticking with the one I already have.  I figure, if nothing else, while I'm laid up (I have to have some surgery in September), I can hand stitch the pieces's something I can do that won't cause me issues with healing.

Then I'm meeting up with my friend - the one that had things go really rough for her a few weeks ago.  She's back from Australia and we are going to go hit a few stores up and have lunch.  I'll get to do my stuff first, then when she's done with tennis, we'll meet up and do a few things.  It's so good to have her back!  I certainly missed her.

Today I got to spend time with my grand daughter.  I haven't seen her in a month, and I have really missed her.  She gives me SUCH joy - I just can't explain it.  She has been sick, and yet, she had a really good day today.  Lots of grins (she has her two bottom front teeth), I got lots of cuddles and hugs, I got lots of time with her playing, and I got to feed her twice.  I also helped with a nebulizer treatment, which she needs for her breathing.  I can hardly believe she's almost 8 months old.  She's pulling herself up, crawling, and doing all kinds of great stuff.  I just love her to pieces!

Ok, well, I'm tired, and hopefully I will sleep past 3 a.m. tomorrow morning.........the last 3 mornings have been quite rough.  Project Runway on tonight............might have to tape it because I'm pretty tired.

Weavin happy.


KnittyAJ said...

Loving the new "baby". Once the weather cools down, I hop to start knitting and weaving again.

Judy said...

Enjoy your new loom! It's so easy to make mistakes when you are threading heddles. How many times have I done that myself?

MarthaVA said...

Thanks Judy. Yes, well, I make a mistake with every warp.....I consider myself still learning...probably will be for a very long time! :-) That's ok. I'm having fun.