Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Two Projects Finished

So, here are the two projects.  Hubby took photos of them on me, outside.  I hate the photos (because I hate my size).  They both look so much better on Mrs (the manikin) so I'm letting her model them.
This is the shawl for the exchange.  Its really soft, and long and it's really comfy.  I almost hate to give it up.

This is what I made from the leftover - but I wish I'd made it thinner and longer.  Oh well, live and learn.  (Can you tell I'm in a mood?)  I used fun yarn in it and it's soft and fun!

I enjoyed doing both.  They are both plain weave.  Boucle' - 800 yards to the pound, using a 6 dent reed.  Really loosely woven.  Just fun and easy.

The previously referred to "forever white warp" has been washed. I need to go take it from the washer and dry it.  I washed it on warm water.  I hope the cotton fulls up nicely.  I am going to try to make a top from the blue cotton crochet thread I used.  I have a feeling I might not have enough tho.  I hate being so heavy and I'm not doing anything to change it.

Today is cloudy and dull out.  It's trying to rain, but not succeeding yet.  We had some rain yesterday and it was gratefully received.  If we get more today it also would be welcomed.  We were starting to have very dry, crunchy grass!  It's greening up nicely now.

When it's cloudy out, my mood totally changes.  I get cranky.  So hopefully I'll get thru THIS day without getting any crankier.  I'm thinking of taking a nap.  Two nights in a row, I stayed up too late watching t.v.  Then I had trouble falling asleep.

OH, I read a book by Jon Katz, called "Rose in a Storm" and OMG, it was a book I could NOT put down - read  it in one day.  It helped that it was in large print. LoL.  My eye muscles hurt when I was done, but it was so mesmerizing.  I almost cried several times.  I hate books that do that to me.  The author did an amazing job with writing this book.  If you love dogs, read it.  Seriously - but keep the tissues close's fiction, but it doesn't seem like it.  GOOD book!  :-)

That's about it from me.  I'm trying to decide now if I want to go wind a warp for another scarf.  Someone gave me directions for a mobius scarf and how to weave the beginning fringe into the ending fringe and make it really neat.  I just can't decide what yarn I want to play with next!  :-)

Have yourself a great day. 


KnittyAJ said...

Hello Martha! Very Nice!!

I am still in my quilting mode. Not so much spinning or weaving. I guess the weather is just to warm for me to be in the mood.

MarthaVA said...

Hey AJ - I've missed you! I am loving weaving except when it gets too hot in the room upstairs. I have to sew and everything else up there so it wouldn't matter what I was doing! :-)
Hope you are doing well. Check in more often!
Thanks for the comment.