Friday, December 2, 2011

Yum num num num num num

Fresh bread.  I didn't make it.  I bought it. From Wegmans, a grocery store that has gone big here in the North East.  I grew up in Rochester, NY, and we shopped at Wegmans all the time.....but it was just a normal, small, regular old grocery store back then.  Now, it's a super store!  They have wonderful bread.  This was still warm when we picked it up this morning.  The smell in the car was amazing and I tried really hard not to give in....but after I ate my salad, I just could NOT resist it anymore!  I hate a piece.  I sliced off the end, put butter on it, and scarfed it down!

I'm not getting as much exercise as I should be getting to lose the weight I wanna lose.  I need to be walking.  Maybe in about 30 mins I'll mention to hubbster that I want to go for a walk.  We are going to try to walk along the road and try not to get killed...narrow road, lots of traffic, 45 mph (crazy!) speed limit, no sidewalks (we live in the country after all.......).  But it's a beautiful day and I wanna walk.

We had to take the new truck to the shop to get all the stuff done on it (as mentioned in yesterday's post) and we have to pick it up today, but not till 6 pm.  I was hoping to go to town before that....oh well.  I'll have to run my errands tomorrow I guess.

I did finish my labels on the little snowman quilty wall hangings and on the grand daughter's quilt.  They came out really nicely and I'm going to make more, some for my wearable weaving.  I love hand sewing (yes, I'm nuts), there is just something about those little tiny stitches that I's fulfilling and rewarding to do it.  Maybe in a past life I did a lot of hand-sewing?   Dunno.

Now I need to get upstairs and iron the quilty snowman wall hangings, then I can figure out how to package them to send them out.  I need more ink for my printer before I can print enough photos to make my Christmas cards.  It would probably be cheaper to go to one of those sites where you upload a photo and get the cards printed out and sent to you, or if you put in the addresses they send them out directly for you.  But I just like doing it myself.   Yes, I'm a glutton for punishment!  I also have an item on the big loom I've been putting off finishing.  I really NEED to get it done.  I have a friend who's birthday is coming up and I want to make her something.  I haven't decided if it's going to be towels, or a shawl.....hmmm.
Off I go!
Take care

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