Thursday, December 22, 2011


I cannot believe how behind I am.  I just finished a gift for a family member that has to be mailed off (she reads my blog, so I can't post photos till afterward).  It's in the wash as we speak. I sure hope she likes it.....

I can't wait till life gets back to normal ~~~ after the holidays.

Hubby had a bunch of blood work done, and it all came back absolutely normal....but he's still not feeling "right."  Not sure what the deal is....wishing he felt more like himself.  He's not bed-ridden or anything...just not himself.

I don't know what our Christmas plans are, and that's a bit frustrating....but life is a bit hectic not only for me right now, but for my daughter and her family, so I'm trying to be patient and see what the deal will be.  Hubby wants to go see the movie War Horse on Christmas day but I'm not sure that I can....I think I'll end up doing a lot of crying, and I really don't want to cry on Christmas - I have a tough enough time holding it together on that day (and others).  I don't like feeling vulnerable....

I did, however, get a Christmas gift early - and I love it.  I'm feeling terribly guilty about getting it - it was quite expensive.  But, I've enjoyed it a LOT and I think I will continue to use it regularly.  Yep, I finally got my Ipad2.  It's awesome.  I almost got an Iphone (and secretly I hope I can still get one in the near future) but I just fell in love with playing with the Ipad2.  So, that's what I has 3G but I think we'll probably cancel that as I can use the Wi fi wherever I go.  3G is fun in the car - I can still be online (internet), which I couldn't do if we cancelled the 3G.  But I don't NEED that......  I love playing Scrabble on it although I'm not great at it - I do hope to improve my scores tho over time!

I only got a few small things for Hubby and I wish I could escape to get a couple of more things I've thought of.  I don't know if he'll let me run out tomorrow by myself or not.....probably not.  But I could always tell a fib and say I'm meeting someone....  I'm not too worried tho cuz there won't be anything under the tree for me since I already have my gift.  He has his too - the new truck!  Even tho we got the new truck to lower the payments.....he still LOVES his new truck.  It's certainly pretty. LoL

It's 60 degrees today - it was a bit sunny this morning, but now it is overcast again.  I have some great photos I took this morning but I haven't downloaded them yet.  Another day. 

Time for me to go see if the gift is done in the washer and pop it in the dryer. 

I'll be back when I can --- if I'm not back before, Merry Christmas!


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Kathy Shumate said...

Happy Holidays ! I just found your blog from The Empty Nest. I'm new to the "Blog World" and am enjoying the networking. Hope your New Year brings better health to you and your husband.