Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Ah, Peace

Christmas is gone.  It was a real challenge this year in some ways.  Here is my very last project and gift to my cousin:

This is 8/2 Tencel, woven very loosely, in a Mobius scarf.  Cousin Judee says she loves it.  I'm SO freaking happy.  I want to work with this fiber some more.   Here is a link to Judee's blog - she got me into quilting. :-)

Christmas was good.  We spent some of the day with our daughter, her partner and our grand daughter.  She is SUCH a hoot!
It's a blast watching her, being with her, and seeing how bright, happy, intelligent, and wonderful she is! :-)  She got this little tea pot and knew EXACTLY what to do with it - pouring into the little cups that came with it.  The teapot is not for putting real liquid in - it sings and talks.  Too cute!
Baby Girl is learning to walk too.  It's amazing - she's growing so fast!  Love that little peanut.

Did I mention....I got an Ipad 2 for Christmas?  Well, actually, before Christmas.  I LOVE it - I can hardly stay off it during the day (and evening).  I'm learning a lot about it, and I'm using it for all sorts of things.  I even figured out how to download from our library!  Whoohoo! 

What I'm reading (not on the Ipad) is a book called EMT: BEYOND THE LIGHTS AND SIRENS, by Pat Ivey. She actually works in the hospital in town. I had to get this (and her other book) thru Interlibrary loans.  I have this book almost finished.  I like true stories.  She's a good writer.  The stories aren't too gruesome, they are short, and they are interesting (for me).  As a kid, I used to read stories about Candy Stripers (not strippers).  I guess medical stuff has always interested me.  Good thing....I've had enough happen to me (and hubby) to keep me up on all the stuff that can happen! 

I have not worked on much this week as far as crafts, but I am working on photographs (see my new header?).  I am using a free program called Picnik but it seems to throw my computer into a tizzy and I can't get much done.  I think I'm going to have to invest in a good software program to edit my if you have any suggestions, I'm all ears. I'm planning on making some cards to send as thank you's and also to send as gifts.

I guess that's about all for tonight.  I am really ready to get back to our regular routine - I'm going out of my mind with the hubster spending SO much time not working!  Oye!  lol

Take care of yourself. 

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