Tuesday, November 8, 2011


So I have a couple of projects in the works.  One is a scarf that I'm trying out - I had an idea, and I went with it.  Once again, my math was wrong (this is an on-going issue for me) and I ended up with waaaay too much yarn for the warp.  Geesh.  (rolling eyes here)

But, I got what I needed (and probably still too wide) on the loom.  I tried black for the weft, and didn't like it.  So I went with the gold.

I've got about twice this woven at this point.  This is 8 inches wide...and I made it really long.  I am hoping to be able to make this a ruffle scarf............we'll see how that works out....it may be too long but I'm gonna give it a shot!  If it ends up too long and it doesn't work the way I see it in my mind, then I will cut it up and make something smaller out of the long scarf. :-)

The other project is for Christmas.  I found these panels in a quilt shop last year when my cousin was here visiting from CA.  I fell in love with these......but didn't have a chance to do anything with them last year.  So this is a project I want to get done this year.  The panels will get cut up and sewn and quilted and given as gifts. 
I've only gotten as far as pulling them out of the closet.....but they are out in the open where they can call my name.  This way, I'll have to get to them!

My calendar is suddenly filling up.  I went for a long time with nothing on it....empty dates for an entire month or more.  July, August, September and October were not good months for me, in more ways than one.  But I have lots of dates on November and it feels pretty good.  Now I'm thinking.....uh oh, maybe I'm making too many dates and not getting the stuff done that I NEED to be getting done!  LoL  If it's not one thing, it's another.

I went today to have my mammogram.  I was not looking forward to it - because the tech that used to do them, was not a very nice person.  She was harsh, and rough.  And she didn't care that you had tears coming out of your eyes and couldn't breath because she had to squish you.  Well, they have a wonderful, young new tech, and she's an angel.  She is VERY sweet.  And caring.  It makes all the difference in the world.

So in one of my prior posts, I went on and on about what I want for Christmas.....and I'm really still not sure what I'm going to ask Santa for.  But I have decided that if it's a techie gift, it'll have to be a laptop computer as opposed to a tablet or reader.  Mostly because I have an old Ipod and I want to be able to download music and I can only download from Itunes (at least, I think that's all I can do with an Ipod).  I can't do that from my desktop because of Hughesnet and their stupid bandwidth restrictions - oh sure, if I wanna get up at 3 a.m. I can do it...but that ain't gonna happen.  Ha!

I may ask for some stuff to go with my loom.

But I don't know what I really want.  I do know, money is tight and I can't ask for much.  Well, I can ask....but then I'll feel guilty.  There are lots of things I'd like to have - like a smart phone....so when I see something in a store, and I think it would be good for my grand baby, but I'm not sure mom and dad will like it, I could snap a pic, and email it to them.....and get approval ( or disapproval).  But that's an extra expense every month.  I could just carry my laptop with me and my camera, and at least then I could snap a photo and then go someplace to hook up online, then send it.  Of course, the smart phone would be SO much more convenient.  Sometimes, I really feel like I'm behind the times...........sigh. 

Anyway, that's it for my WIPS - the weaving, the quilting, and the wishing...............
So long for now.

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Judy said...

Your scarf is coming along nicely! The tan that you chose for the weft looks really good.
I'm glad that you had a better tech for the mammogram. It makes all the difference as I've had both types like you've had, and the rough ones make you want to never go back!!
Techie toys are so much fun to dream about, aren't they??