Sunday, November 20, 2011

Fun stuff

Right now, I have some muffin tops waiting to go into the oven.  This is a Whoopie Pie pan I purchased from Bed, Bath and Beyond with a coupon.  I tried making Whoopie Pies in it - and I overloaded them, and they stuck.  So it didn't work for that.  Honestly, the Whoopie Pie batter is so thick, if you use a mellon baller/small ice cream scoop, it works great on a cookie sheet.....but I digress.
I just popped these in the oven.  Instead of an entire muffin, these should come out just as muffin tops, the nice, slightly crispy top part of the muffin - the best part in MY opinion!

On another note, I have another new toy.  This is a Lacis Fringe Twister.  It is battery operated and I ordered it from Amazon.  It came in just a couple of days.  I had a scarf (see below) that I had made.  I got to use the fringe twister today.  There was a small learning curve, but that's because I haven't done a lot of fringe to begin with, then I added a toy that goes zoom!  So I had to undo a couple of the fringes and re-twist them, but that's ok!  They came out really nice and I'm pleased.  This was a really good purchase!

Here is the scarf.  I know, weird photo.  It's sitting on an oil heater to dry the rest of the way.   This was an experiment.  I call it a ruffled never-ending scarf.  It started out off the loom to be about 120 inches.  It was VERY long.  It is made out of 8/2 black cotton warp, and 8/2 gold cotton weft.  I finished this scarf last week, but I let it sit for a week because to be honest, I was nervous about doing the gathering.  Today, I decided I had to get brave and try it.  Well, it went ok.  See the solid looking gold stripes?  That is where I gathered it.  The outside solid gold is actually because I used gold warp there.  The inside stripes are where I gathered the black warp threads in order to get the fringe.
I gathered, and gathered and gathered.  It was quite the workout!  When I was done, I was NOT happy!  It kind of looked like a clown collar!  Oh gosh..........
So I tried to ungather some of it.  I started pulling it out so it wasn't quite so gathered.  It is better.  The scarf really shortened up a LOT.  I'm glad I made it as long as I did! 
I tried to decide how I wanted it to look - just a scarf with 2 ends hanging (with fringe, of course!), or would I sew one end to the side of the other end?  Or, I could try weaving the fringe of one end into the other....but that takes a LOT of work, time, and it doesn't usually look very good (at least, when I do it). 

I decided I would put the 2 ends, one on top of the other, with a twist in it.  The fringe was all together.  I took fringe from the top part (3 or 4 threads at a time) and the same amount from the bottom part.  I knotted them so they would be attached. 
Then I took the fringe twister, and put the 2 sections of fringe in, one in each fringe twister holder.  Pushing the button up, the fringe twister twists the fringe one way, without the entire head of the fringe twister going around.  When you have enough twist in the 2 sections, then you push the button down, and the head of the fringe twister goes round and round.  It twists the 2 sections together, and viola!  You have beautiful fringe!  :-)

I love the concept.  The scarf itself is too short to really wrap round my neck twice.  It really is too tight and looks like a clown collar.  If it just hangs, it's kind of pretty but not really what I was looking for.  I dunno.  Maybe someone will like it.  I have some more experimenting to do.  LoL

Well, my muffin tops are out of the oven.  I will have to take a photo and maybe add it in later.  They came out "ok."  I dislike my oven immensely and will never ever buy one like it again.  But that's another story for another day.  They came out a bit overdone on the bottom (dark pan) and it's my fault, so next time, I'll lower the oven temp.  I also had to make sure that I didn't leave them in as long as regular muffins, since they are so thin compared to a regular size muffin.  These are chocolate chip, and anything chocolate is wonderful!  lol.  I'm seriously thinking about putting Nutella between them, and eating it that way....yeah, I'm bad!  Ha!

More another day.  Hope your life is going great for you and you're doing what you love to do.


Judee said...

I am drooling.

Judy said...

My husband and I were wondering what a whoopie pie was? We're clueless on that one! Your muffin tops sound delicious. I'll be right over ;-)