Monday, November 21, 2011

Ruffled Endless Scarf

Here is the Ruffled Endless Scarf I spoke of in my last post.  It's actually really growing on me and I'm going to try it again, with some tweaks....
Here, it is wrapped twice around my neck.  I was afraid it looked a bit like a collar on a clown, but I actually like it - it's kinda fun. :-)

Below, you can see the scarf with it in single form - just wrapped once around the neck.  Sorry for the blurry photo - I had the camera set with the timer, and had it on the correct setting, but the photos all came out blurry...not sure what the issue is but maybe I need a different setting.  I guess reading the manual would be good, but who has time?  I'm busy creating!  :-)

The fringe is where the 2 ends are connected and where I tied the fringe together.  Have I mentioned, I LOVE my new fringe twister????  YES!

Today was a lovely day. I  spent it with a friend I always feel good about being around, and we chatted from 11:00 till 3:20!  Amazing.

I need to spend some time cleaning the house tomorrow.  Hoping the daughter, son-in-law, and grand baby come for Thanksgiving if all goes well.

Leave me comments on how you REALLY feel about this scarf.  I'd really like to hear what you think - honest!  Good or bad.


Judee said...

It doesn't look like a clown thing to me. I like the double wrap better than the ruffles down. Good job!

Judy said...

I like it wrapped twice better, too. It looks like it would be a fun scarf to wear! Fringe twisters are great-I've used them on wool throws and they are such a time saver. It was nice to see photos of you :-)
Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.