Sunday, October 23, 2011

Life, in general

Life the last week has been a bit......rough.  I started not feeling well on Tuesday.  I awoke with a stuffy head, headache, ears ringing, and a tummy thing.  I have IBS which seems to rear it's ugliness now and then....sometimes for no apparent reason.  At least, not that I can figure.

I finally took some aspirin (thank you dear hubby) and felt better - somewhat.

Weds I was ok, still having trouble with tummy.

Thursday I thought my tummy troubles were over...I won't go into detail.

Friday I felt pretty good - good spirits, tummy wasn't upset......yeah, that was short lived.

Saturday I got up and felt horrible.  I had another headache and ears ringing really loudly - like I'd gotten drunk and gone to a concert and stood in front of the speakers.  That didn't happen...I don't lead that interesting a life!

I spent a lot of time in the bathroom on Saturday.  Ugh.  I slept a lot too.  I just felt drained and horrible and sleep let me not feel it.

Today (Sunday) didn't start out great, but it's not as bad as Saturday was.  Thank God.  I've been able to eat a bland diet of crackers, plain broth, a bit of mashed potatoes, and some plain toast.  I'm afraid of over-loading my poor worn out system.....but I'm hungry.

I'll have some more plain toast before bed.

Tonight we watch the season finale of "Against the Wall" - two hours that starts at 8 a.m.  Then I'll get to lay in my flannel sheets ( I LOVE flannel) and I'll sleep once again.

Praying that tomorrow I feel much better.  I need to try to figure out what set this off.  I did start eating salads at the beginning of the week, but who knows if that was it, or what happened.

I have my follow-up doctor appointment on Tuesday.  That could also be the issue - I don't feel nervous, but that's how my IBS works - if I don't feel nervous about something, it flairs up and reminds me I can't hide from myself.  I'll find out on Tuesday what the next five years of follow-up will consist of.  

I know this wasn't an exciting post.  I don't have any photos that are new.  The leaves are turning, Fall is here, not that it gets that colorful here in this part of VA....not like PA, or NY, or New England.  But it's pretty enough. 

I did start a new warp on the loom.  I can't wait to get working on it, but I just didn't have the energy the last 2 days.

Praying this week is all good.................and in November, I can finally get back to volunteering with my dog!

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mainer said...

Oh dear. The flu maybe? Get a shot on Tuesday! Keep me posted.