Monday, October 31, 2011

Extra Large Cowl

I made an extra large wasn't my plan.  I had started out with writing out the plan for what size I wanted, and how many ends I'd have, how wide and how long.  Got that all down on paper.
Then I started winding the yarn.  The yarn spoke to me and I ended up with something twice as wide as I'd planned on.
That's ok.  I go with my gut when I'm weaving.  I'm not a very structured anything I do.  So this was fun.
I wound my warp.  I tried several different yarns in the weft.  I ended up using the same yarn as the warp and I'm really glad I did.  I LOVE this piece.

I probably should have worn a contrasting shirt in the photos so it's easier to see.  Oh well.....

The warp was 120" long.  I tied it on and left 29" at the front end before weaving.  This is so that I can weave the front end, into the back end when I get done weaving the actual body of the fabric. 
One slight problem with that.....the loom is not 29" from the front beam to the beater bar, which is the space I need to weave back in.  But I didn't THINK about that before I started.....
Everything works out for a reason.  The opening that is toward my waist, is larger than the opening near my neck.  That works - if the opening near my waist was NOT as wide as it is, it would not FIT me down there and I'd have a LOT of fabric up around my neck - and I don't have much of a neck....

So the fact that I could not weave in all 21" of warp into the body actually worked out for the best. The fringe is all braided (6 hours) and then done in a trellis braid.  I love the fringe..........

The color is off in this photo because I was in the sun, and squinting.  But I can put the fringe part in the front of my body, and wear this as a hood.  There is plenty of fabric and it covers well.

This is also large enough for me to wear over a thin coat.  Not that I have a thin coat that matches.....

I do love this tho, and it will remain MINE!

Today I have a lot to do.  I have laundry, and I need to bathe Gabbi, brush her out, blow dry her, clip her nails and do her anals (ew).  I need to brush Evan out as he's blowing coat everywhere!  His nails will get done also.  I am hoping that I receive a schedule for volunteering at the hospital with him for November....we need to get back to that.

I'm hoping to get another project warped on the Baby Wolf today, and I need to get photos taken of my Nilus Leclerc as I'm going to sell her.  I really like the Baby Wolf much better.  I'd like to get a Mighty Wolf (36" weaving width) as the Baby Wolf is only 26".  I'd also like a Wolf Pup eventually - for the narrower projects.  We'll thing at a time.  Get the Leclerc sold, and I can hopefully get a MW to replace her.

Off to get on with my day.  Gonna be a busy one to get everything done that I want to get done!

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