Monday, October 17, 2011

I've been busy!

I have been busy - I made 2 more baby quilts.  The first one I love the Moda squares, but I made it too big.  The second one I don't love (the Moda squares) but, I found some fabric in my stash and I thought it went pretty well, so I had fun quilting it.  And it's smaller, much better for baby right now.

Front of too large baby quilt

Back of too large baby quilt

Free motion quilting - gone wild!
Above is the first baby quilt that is too large.  But I LOVE the colors.  :-)  It'll come in handy one day....I hope!  Meanwhile, dear daughter wanted a smaller one for baby....
Front of smaller quilt

Back of smaller quilt (it's actually green)

More free motion gone wild quilting!
I like the above quilt because it's smaller.  This is my first attempt at stitch in the ditch with a darning foot - boy was it tricky!

 I also wove a scarf, Saori style, with wool - which I don't usually wear.  This is so wild and out there, and it's not that itchy. lol.  It's pretty wide - wide enough to throw over your head if you have to.

Saori Mobius scarf

Long enough to wrap around me twice and throw up over my head!
This was fun to make.  I have many ideas for the next one - it won't be wool, and it won't be as wide, and it won't be as long, but not much shorter than this either.  Then there will be another wide one I think....just to play with the way it hangs, etc.  Someone showed me a scarf that also had a hood attached.  I liked that idea also.

Today I've been busy also.  The horse vet came at 9 this morning for Fall shots (boosters).  Before he even arrived, I was able to chat on IM with my friend in Australia.  It was really great to chat with her.  Good ole Facebook chat.  Ha ha.

After the horse vet, I came in and got Gabbi and Evan outside to groom them.  Evan got a good brushing - some day his undercoat is going to get spun and woven into something - when I learn to spin!  Gabbi needed a hair cut and it doesn't look too awful.  She hates going to the groomer.  Last time, I picked her up and she was panting and shaking and was clinging to my arm all the way home.  I felt awful.  Neither of us likes me doing it, but at least she doesn't stress as much as at the groomer!  Besides, I save myself $50 every time I do that's incentive enough for me.  
Gabbi on the left, Evan in front, and Leo in back.
Evan is never too happy about Leo taking over the dog beds during the day, but he did sit there and pose like the diva he is!  lol.  At night, Leo gets kicked outta the room because he attacks feet and sleeps on the bed. 

When I got Evan, he was allowed to sleep on the bed.  But he always pushed his legs against me at night - very uncomfortable.  When we got Gabbi a year later, we tried to let them both sleep on the bed.  Dear Hubby would wake up during the night, and Gabbi would be snuggled under the blankets, underneath HIM.  We were both afraid he'd squish her!  Eventually, they both were told they had to sleep on the floor. Sometimes ya just gotta be tough.  Yes, we have a king size bed.  No, it wasn't enough room - and really too dangerous for Gabbi. 
The other thing she would do is jump off the bed and she already has badly luxating patellas on her back legs.  If you don't know what this is, here is a link.  We had steps we bought to put at the foot of the bed, and she'd use them to get ON the bed, but she would jump off.  So, in order to save our sanity and her legs, they get to sleep in those 4 dogs beds, that reside under a shelf in a cutout in the wall.  Above them is the shelf that holds the tv.   It boils down to the fact that I need my sleep and when I don't have it.....I'm not a happy person!

I was supposed to go upstairs and unweave something I started about 6 weeks ago on the large loom, but I haven't had the motivation to go do it.  I also need to wind a warp for another scarf, and I have towels I want to get started (Christmas is coming!).  I know that's going to be a LONG warp and was planning on doing it on Lulu (the big loom) but there is a really LONG blue 5/2 warp on there (the one that needs to be unwoven and something new started with it).  I'm just having an issue with exactly what I want to do with the blue warp - I'm NOT taking it off and wasting it!  Cotton is too expensive!!!   I had a plan when I put it's just that I don't like what it is, so gotta change it.  I have some ideas so when I decide, I can get moving on that. 

I've actually found something interesting.  I like using my large loom - but it's a lotta work to actually weave on it. I love HOW it weaves and I love that I can put a long warp (which for me has been up to 15 yards) and it's not hard, and I can get up close to thread the heddles.  I like the way my Baby Wolf weaves tho - it's so EASY.  I'm not crazy about some of how it's put together's not as heavy duty, and I've had issues with the tension because my dowel on the front wasn't tied on evenly.  I think my ties are waaaaayyyyy too long, but I'm afraid of cutting them.  I think the wise idea will be to get some texsolve cord, and I can try that without damaging my current ties.  The BW is so easy to weave on tho.....not so easy to thread (it's the older model that the back beam doesn't come off).  I think I just need to keep working with the BW and get used to it.

OK, well, I've not been blogging for awhile and now, I've dumped everything in one blog.  Prolly not the wisest decision.  Oh well.  I was in the mood to do this today.  Believe it or not, I actually have more to talk about, but I think that's it for today. 
Have a wonderful day!

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KnittyAJ said...

Nice to see you, even if it is online. Have you gone to any of the meetings recently. Nice scarf!

BTW, did know you were a quilter!! Who knew. There is a quilt show in Stafford this weekend. Keep it up.