Thursday, March 17, 2011

Decisions Decisions...

Today, I finally made ONE decision.  To change the 5/2 yarn for this new warp, from the 12 dent heddle, to the 15 dent heddle. I'm following my gut instinct.  It has nothing to do with knowlege of weaving, since I have little of that.  This is a whole new world for me.  It is both scary and exciting.  I'm a free spirit but I want to do this pattern, on towels, and have them be RIGHT.  For a free spirit, that's really structured.  

It will take me awhile to do the transfer.  My left shoulder gets very sore.  I am determined to get it right, and then get it on the loom.  Changing it over to a smaller dent reed, will cause me to wind more warp, as I had originally wanted my towels to be 20" by 30".  Along with changing the reed, I've decided to do 18" by 25".  It makes a nice towel (I made the towels on my rigid heddle loom that size).  

Speaking of the towels I made, they are for a towel exchange.  I have now washed them a second time, and they are sitting on the dryer.  I am debating on whether to put a label on them, which I want to do, but I don't have any professional labels made.  I can make hand made labels but they won't look very nice.  So I guess I'll skip it this time but I do want to order some labels for my work.   I need to get these towels into the mail, and get them off to the person that has managed the exchange this time.

We are going to start another exchange.  I want to do a square table runner type thing.  I think we are going to do place mats tho.  These are for beginners, so we need to do easy.  I put the square table runner idea out there.  Haven't gone back to check to see if there have been any comments on it.  The fun thing is that the theme is Celebrate America.  

Today is St. Patty's day.  This is the first time in 35 years of marriage, my hubby has given me a St. Patty's day card.  Yesterday when we were in the store I teased him about buying me some cupcakes decorated for today.  I had to use the restroom while he got the couple of things we needed.  He got the cupcakes too!  :-)  Sweetie Pie.

I'm trying to decide if I'm going to take a trip to Maine by myself.  It would be really nice to have hubby with me.  But, between getting a horse sitter, getting my friend to care for the cat, and having to take both dogs with us in the car, for 6-7 days, every single day spent in the car, it's really not fair to them.  I won't board my dogs.  I have done that with another dog previously, and he was never the same after that.  I'm not doing that to these two dogs.  They are way too attached.  They are fine staying with me, or with hubby, or both of us.  But I'm not leaving them with strangers.  They don't do well.  So it looks like I'll either go alone, or not go at all.  Still in the deciding stages.  I am thinking that if I decide not to go at all, I probably won't go back to Maine in the future.  Since my brother doesn't live there anymore, it is more than likely I won't return.  It's kind of the end of life as I knew it, with visiting Maine.  Yes, I have family there, but it's not the same.....hard to explain.  But it saddens my heart to say, I probably won't be going back.  So part of me is being the very stubborn, Taurus, Irish person that I am, and saying, this is something I must do for myself.  I haven't taken that stand a whole lot of times in my life.  But this may be one of the few times I need to do that.  Still.....undecided.

Well, it's almost 7:00 - I can not believe how quickly time flies lately.  I want to slow the world down.  It just goes way too fast.  I cannot get everything done that I want to get done.  Of course, it doesn't help that I procrastinate a lot about things (like my weaving) and it also doesn't help that I'll drop everything to go help a friend do something she cannot do alone.  Then I end up spending a couple of hours over there, having tea, a brownie, and talking about weaving.

Off I go. I have an hour or 2 that I can go upstairs and do some work.  I need to get 240 ends into this 15 dent reed, then I need to wind 30 more ends for 2 more inches.  If I can get that all done tonight, then tomorrow after agility class, I can hopefully start dressing the loom.  If not, it'll be over the weekend.  It's supposed to rain on Sunday, and that will give me an entire day inside to do it.  The weather was so beautiful today, and it's going to be even nicer tomorrow.  Hard to stay inside when it's so nice out.....

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