Friday, March 9, 2012

The end of another busy week!

Here we are, Friday again, but, it's not the end of a busy week for me really - because there are 2 more busy days ahead of me.  I have the "Nose Fun" clinic from 9-4 both Sat & Sun (unless I'm totally bored on Sat and I decide not to go back on Sun).  Yes, I'm fickle.

I spent today babysitting.  I love my baby grand-girl.  :-)

Yesterday I took my "one day at home in a couple of weeks day," and I ended up going to visit a friend who'd gotten hurt last weekend.  It was a wonderful visit.  I took lots of photos of the geese that live on the little island in the middle of a pond behind her house.  My new camera did a good job - but I still need to learn to bring my tri-pod and also learn some more things about my camera..........
This one cracks me up!  The one goose is YELLING at the other!  LOL

This one is a nice one - I did crop it and it turned out nicely.  I don't do a lot to most of my photos - I like to leave them the way I took them.

The geese are also nesting.  They are fighting off other geese and telling them this is MY spot!

She also has these great bird houses.

So it was a good visit.

I'm looking forward to the clinic this weekend, but trying not to have too many expectations so I don't get disappointed if it's not what I wanted it to me.  I know, sounds weird, but I get myself into situations like that.

OH, I did get upstairs last night and got half of the 5" squares for one quilt up on the flannel design board!  Hubby made dinner (he made dinner again tonight too) and he called me down before I could get finished.  When I am finished, I'll take a pic and show you - the fabrics are SOOOO pretty!  I need to get back onto Missouri Quilt Co to order the coordinating fabric for the backings!  Just another thing I haven't done and will regret not doing, if I wait too long and they don't have any left!

I am also more than half way thru towel #2 on the loom.  I need to get towel #2 done, so I can get #3 done and get some yarn on the loom to make some scarves to sell!

So have yourself a great weekend.

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