Sunday, February 28, 2010

New quilting stuff

Here are pics of the blocks I've worked on this week. 
This block is the January Block of the Month (BOM) for the quilting forum I belong to (

This is the February BOM for the same forum.


I think the two blocks blend well.  I'm trying to stay in the same color scheme so that at the end of the year, I can put them together and get a quilt out of this hard work!  


This is my new piece of flannel that I use for my design board.  I found the flannel, 1 yard of white, at Wal Mart in the excess bin.  A good find for less than $3.00.

This is the block that is the one I originally made for January - I like the colors, they just didn't match the February block very well.  So it'll be put away for another project.  


And this is the color theory block I made that is for the quilting guild that I belong to.  We will have to make this block every month but with different colors.  This one is not perfect...........but that's ok.  I can either do it over or cover it up somehow.  Not sure if we're to do anything with them in the end or what.


This is my new sewing machine.  Its a Janome 8077.  It is very basic but it sews really nicely and has some thing on it my Brother doesn't have.  Luckily, the feet from my Brother fit my Janome, so I have more variety now. :-)


Ok.  So that's about it this time. I'm exhausted.  I have to work on a couple of other things this week that I want to get done also.  Most of the time this is fun, but some of the directions make me crazy - I need visuals. LOL.  

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