Saturday, February 27, 2010


Been awhile since I wrote.
I have decided I miss horses.  I am glad I still have them around.  Wonder what that means for my future.....

I have been sewing but not as much as I'd like.  I made the Jan BOM (block of the month) for the forum.  I hated the first one - it was  a full out struggle and when I got it done I wasn't crazy about the colors - not that its a bad combo or anything - its just that it didn't go with the Feb BOM that I made first.  So, I decided to try again.  I cut all the pcs yesterday, and I was too tired to try to put it together yesterday. 

Today we went out and when we got home I had phone calls to make and dinner to get into the slow cooker, etc.  When I got finished, I went upstairs and I did the new block - got it all put together and it really looks nice.  :-)  I'm much happier with it - maybe I'll use the other block for something else one day - I'll put it away and one day, I'll come across it, and something will strick me. LOL  At any rate, I'm trying to stay in the same color scheme for the BOMs cuz at the end, I want to have a quilt out of it! 

Today was a nice day- it was windy and quite cold still, but by afternoon it was nicer.  Tony and I spent the day together and we went to Fredericksburg.  We had to hit the bank, Best Buy, and Pet Smart.  We also went to Verizon and I finally talked Tony into getting a new phone.  He got the "rugged" one - it's supposedly tested by the Army.  LOL.  Anyway, it seems to work better for him - its tough, easy to hold, easy to dial, etc.  I hope he's happy with it.  I didn't find a phone I liked.  They have such a small selection anymore of regular phones - they are moving toward the data phones (internet capable) and I bet by next year, thats all you're going to be able to get........I'll wait - if I can't find something else between now and then, my phone is doing fine for now.  I can text on it too now - we paid for texting!  :-)

I think Jenn is still mad at me.  It is what it is but I miss her.  She hasn't talked to me in a week.  I guess its the price I have to pay for not agreeing with something.  But, I can't back down in what I believe in, just as she won't back down in what she believes in.  Its ok.  She's an adult.  I can't change her. 

I got a really nice pkg in the mail today from a friend.  A beautiful heart !  (and a quilt pattern :-)  )  What a good friend I have.  She's very special to me!  Thank you my friend (cuz I know you read this).

*They* are mentioning a storm coming next week.  I pray its not snow.......and really that it misses us all together.  PLEASE!

I'm also thinking that Julie is going to be getting her place ready for Blaze.  I wonder when she will be ready to get him.  There still isn't anyplace for anyone to turn a trailer around here - the ground is too soft to go thru the back yard.  So I am not sure how we'll work this out. Wish there was someplace to meet half way......

Of course, my heart is heavy for that to happen, but at the same time, my head is telling me its the best thing to do.  Besides, I know where he's I'm not going to worry about it.  It is the right thing....or it wouldn't be happening.

Right now my back is screaming - the muscles get all messed up when I sew.  So I'm going to go sit down with Gabbi Wabbi on my lap and hopefully Tony will find something decent to watch on t.v.

I'm trying not to get something for a snack - I was bad today - Panera for lunch and I had brocolli and cheese soup, half a chicken salad sandwich, and a half cookie!  We got bagles (french toast) for breakfast tomorrow.  Yum.   So, I'm trying not to snack on anything........might have to get me some chocolate milk tho just to satisfy the chocolate need.........i'm terrible. 

Ok, off to relax...............
Oh wait!  I have some pretty pics I wanna put up.



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Julie said...

Love the Pictures I think My fav would be the flag. Very cool how you where able to capture the blowing in the wind with sharp focus. Excellent!