Saturday, January 9, 2010

Quilting stuff

So, I have gotten quite caught up in the quilting craze.  Silly me.  I can so easily become addicted to anything that requires me to shop.  I should become a professional shopper - maybe that would stop me from spending money on stuff for me!!! 

I bought some new fabric and I have some ideas for it.  There is something I bought that I'm going to share with my friend Mary.  It so reminds me of her. 
Then I have an idea for a rag quilted heart for Valentines day.  It'll be a wall hanging.  I have the idea in my head.  I need to wash the fabric and start on it - but first I have to draw out the pattern so I don't waste my fabric.

This is my flannel for the hearts
This is the heart fabric for the squares the hearts will go in

 The heart fabric in the center will be for the border.  The white fabric and the blue fabric are just some that I saw that I really liked. :-)  STASH! 

I have to wash it tomorrow and let it dry, then I'll draw out my pattern, and I'll get to cutting.  I really want to work on it.
But first, I'll work on Jenns quilt.  I'm pretty close to finishing the hand quilting part.  Then, squaring it up (which I'm not looking forward to) and then the binding.  I'm gonna do it - finish it - before the end of next week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm also nearing the end of the second in a series of books I'm reading - the first being "A Single Thread" and the sequel is "A Thread of Truth."  Good reads.

Well, I'm beat.  Almost bedtime - and if I want to read, I'll hit the hay early.

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