Wednesday, January 13, 2010

I did it!!!!!!!!!!!

FINALLY!!!   The craft/sewing room is DONE!  I feel So good about it.  I'm happy.  I have a lot of storage to fill up (yes, more shopping!!! LOL) and I have the tables the way I want them (2 of the same would be good but for now, I'll settle for what I have).  The room should be efficient, we'll see.  I'll take pics tonight and post them either tonight or tomorrow.

Now, I can work on the quilt and get that done, and when it IS done, I can then put the binding on it up there.  :-)

I'm beat.  I have to go make dinner, which will be easy, walk the dogs out in the yard, then feed them, and then put my feet up.  For some reason my ankle (the one that swells and gives me trouble) is aching.  That just means, time to put my feet up!  Hehe.

YES!  Feeling good.  I have a plan for tomorrow (finally got my truck back today)  - need to go to Fredericksburg and get a few things at Costco (paper supplies mostly) and a couple of other stops.  I need a new pocket calendar for my purse and would like one that also had a address book in it, and I am hoping to go to the mall and find calendars there at a kiosk that was up during the holidays - hoping they have everything marked down on sale!  Also hoping I can find a quilt calendar there but if I can't that's ok.  Just a whim.

I also have to find some things to decorate my quilt room with - inspirational stuff.  Of course, if I get the little wall hangings done that I want to do, that will help. :>)

Of course I'll be stopping at the quilt shop to see what's on sale, and also run down to JoAnns.  Can't go up there without checking that out.  Teehee.

Off to make dinner!  Later !!!

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