Friday, January 15, 2010

Craft room and fabric

Here are pics of my organized craft/creating room and of new fabrics :>)

View from the door way

Isn't Leo adorable????

This is the card creating corner.

New fabric - its SEW pretty. Flannel on the left, cotton on the right.

 New fabric -I love butterfiles :>)

This is my new quilt calendar!

 Can you see the name of the quilt pattern?  I live on True Blue Road.  Of course I'm going to HAVE to make this pattern. :>)


Here are the rulers hanging out.

Sewing/cutting tables


Julie said...

Great Job Martha! Yes Leo is SOOO CUTE. I can not wait to see what you come up with.. Butterfly material is beautiful.

MarthaVA said...

Thanks Julie. It won't look like this (neat) ever again, I'm sure! LOL

I'm trying to decide what I want to make from the fabric - a tote bag, or a wall hanging......its SO hard to decide. I buy the fabric cuz I love it. LOL

mareshavefun said...

Great Job on organizing your craft room!!! I love how you have individual tables for different uses. And I just LOVE the pink butterfly material!!!

val said...

Martha - very impressive! :-)