Sunday, September 4, 2011

Bit of a rant about animals, and other things........

This is a bit of a rant to begin with so if you don't want to read a random rant, then move forward to the other things.
We just got back from town.  While we were out, a pickup truck drove by us, with a beautiful, huge yellow Lab in the bed of the truck.  The lab was standing, and kept really good balance.  It really bothers me that people put their dogs in the back of their trucks.  I know, I live in the country and people have been doing it forever.  It's hot today.  Pickup beds are hot when it's hot outside.  I don't care if they are metal or have a spray interior or a bed liner - unless there is an old blanket or something for the dog to stand on that isn't hot, it's NOT FAIR to the dogs!  Geesh. I'd like to take every driver I see who has a dog in the back of the pickup, and make them take their shoes off, and have them stand barefoot on the bed, and then drive around and have them stand there without holding on.  They HAVE to stand - can't sit.  They HAVE to deal even at 60 mph.  Grrrrrrrrrrrrrr.  I hate seeing animals treated badly.  It just really bothers me!
There is a farm on the way to town that has this really small pen, with two very large pigs in it.  I mean, this pen is small -  I could probably stand in it and take maybe 10 steps width-wise, and probably about 15 lengthwise.  Those poor pigs don't have hardly any room to move.
Along the same lines, there are some people that have small parcels of land on our way to the city - (we went to the city yesterday), and they have decided they want horses.  They put up a fence and put 2 horses out.  Ok, well, they have probably 1/2 acre - if it's any more I'd be amazed.  Two horses, on about a half acre, no shelter for shade or from storms, no hay.  The grass is eaten down to nothing, poop everywhere - no one picks up the poop.  So I KNOW animal control has to be driving by this property and they don't stop and try to educate the people????  I mean seriously - do we have to wait till the horses look starved before trying to do something for them?
Ok, rant over.....................

Weaving:  I have a new warp on the Leclerc loom.  I wound too much (math is NOT my strong point) so I have saved some of the warp and will use it in another project.  I'm working with 5/2 cotton, dark blue.  I'm going to make a blanket for myself.  I would like to get it done before my hospital stay.  Just something to work toward and keep me busy.  Anyway, I also messed up - missed one slot in the reed.  I thought I was SO careful checking it!  Grrrrr......   I also broke a thread while winding on.  Not quite sure but I think it was a weak point in the thread, and instead of fixing it when I was winding the warp on, I let it go.  That'll teach me!  So now I have to go back and fix that thread.  Sigh.  The good thing is, I had a couple of extra threads at the end, so I should have a thread the correct length to hang off the back of the loom and make it work.

On another note, I got some butterfly photos today.  When we drove in from the trip to town, DH pointed out that there were butterflies on the butterfly bush.  They were different than I usually see out there - usually we have the black with yellow or blue, and the yellow with black.  These are different and OH so beautiful.  I was lucky - I ran in the house, got the camera, and got out there to get some GREAT photos. I was afraid they might not come out so good, but they did! Yay!

See!  Very pretty little butterfly.  Good pics too!  lol

Well, for some reason, I'm having issues with photos uploading correctly, so I'm not going to try to put up anymore.
It's hot and humid today, rains are coming this week from 2 storms, so I'll be hunkering down and weaving I hope!  I have no plans at this point in time and hope I can stay home at least one day.
Quiet Labor Day for us - as is every holiday because we don't go anywhere, don't go on vacation, and don't get invited anywhere.  We also don't invite others because we know no one wants to deal with the traffic.  So quiet is ok!
Have an enjoyable week.

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mainer said...

O,yes! Those butterflies and pics are cool! Good job! We are settled in for the weekend too.