Wednesday, November 17, 2010

A huge break....

That is what I've been on ~ from sewing, from Blogging.  I have been in one of those times where I'm not sure what I want to do.
I did crochet a scarf. I loved it so much (really soft yarn) that I went and got another ball (because it doesn't go very far) and I made a headband to go with it.  I'll take photos and post them.

I finished my purple knitted sweater. I'm not thrilled with it.  It is boxy, and heavy, and short sleeved ~ there is just something about a sweater - I think if it's a heavy sweater, it should be long sleeved.  Whatever.  Anyway, I don't like the sleeves and the collar.  I'm seriously thinking of taking those apart and crocheting something and hoping it comes out looking nicer (and fitting better).  The left sleeve opening is tight and I don't like that.

I started a scarf [knit] that I haven't finished.  It's for the donation box that the local knit shop has.  They have kits you get - you can crochet or knit - and the scarves go to the abused women's shelter.  I need to finish that.

This weekend is the baby shower for my daughter.  She is due in Dec with our first (and probably only) grandchild.  It's going to be a girl.  At least, that's what they were told....I sure hope it is since everything we've gone with till now is pink!  I'm excited, but I'm also worried about my daughter and how this is going to change her life.  She doesn't do change well.  I also worry about her health. 

Sewing ~~~ well, I haven't felt like sewing one bit.  I have projects waiting for me upstairs.  I really do NOT feel like going up and doing any of them.  I needed a break.  I felt pressured to sew for a long time and I started resenting it.  I hate piecing (for quilting) so I've decided that if I quilt, it won't have a lot of piecing in it.  I love the actual free motion quilting.  But I'm pretty sure quilting will just be something I do now and then.  It's not my passion.  It's not like I can't wait to get to the sewing machine and create.

I do feel a need to create.  I don't know why I haven't found the one thing I can be passionate about as far as finding that perfect craft - the one I need to do upon waking every morning.  The one that will keep me from wanting to escape the house and stay out as long as I can.   Hmmm, wonder why I can't seem to find THE craft for myself?  I have dabbled in SO many crafts. 

So on that note, I'm about to try another craft......I have ordered a Rigid Heddle Loom.  It should arrive some time in the next day or 2.  I won't get to do much with it, as I'm preparing for the shower on Saturday.  Just too many things to do between now and then.  I just hope that after investing in this, it's something I'll continue to do......

I'm hoping that things will settle down for me once the shower is over.  But of course, then comes Thanksgiving, then the baby is due in Dec, then Christmas, New Years,  So much going on! 

This year is one of the first in a long time, that I feel like decorating for Christmas.  Which is really strange because it's going to be the first year that we won't have family here at our house for the holiday.  Hmmm.  I do feel that in the past, it was all about the pressure of buying and making sure that everything was perfect.  But this year, I feel we're being blessed in another way, and I'm not going to worry about the gifts or the amount of presenst under the tree.  I'm going to decorate and enjoy the season.  I do wish my house was a little bigger so I could put more things out.  That's one thing about this house - not a lot of places to put pretty things.  But that's ok - I love my house, I love our farm, and I love my critters.

Ok, well, I guess that's enough for now.  I just wanted to check in and post a blog since I'd disappeared for so long.  It's lunch time and I have many things I want to get done this afternoon.  Tomorrow I'm supposed to go to the dog trainer's and we are going to do Rally - she's having an open house and Rally course set up so everyone can give it a try.

On Friday I have agility with Evan.  He is loving it and so am I.  It's FUN.  Of course, with the weather getting colder, I don't know how much fun we'll  But I am going to stick with this because I am feeling passionate with it.

K, off I go. I hope anyone who cares to read this is having a wonderful day and is enjoying whatever their passion is in life!  :-)

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Quiet Quilter said...

You are so lucky that you have the ability to move from one craft to another and do it so well...variety is the spice of life.

With me, I knitted when I was younger, until I had my 3 children and then I slacked off..I cannot concentrate enough to crochet (altho my daughter has just found she likes to), sewing clothes etc doesn't interest me, so quilting is about the only craft I feel I can do. I am not creative,but I can follow directions, most of the time, in quilting.... thank goodness for patterns!