Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Catching up

So I'm trying to play catch up.  I have lots going on and sometimes, my brain gets overwhelmed, and then I shut down.  Trying really hard to avoid that.

Right now, my lip and nose and cheek are numb from being at the dentist.  I hope it wears off soon.  I had to eat so I had some mashed potatoes and made a can of brocolli & cheese soup.  Yum.  Good lunch.
So yeah, this is a week of catching up.  My pinwheel quilt is tied - I couldn't figure out a good quitling for it, so I tied it.  It looks good tied.  Not sure I did it correctly, but it's tied.  I will take it upstairs and I will cut the backing fabric, and wrap it around the front to bind it.  The back is fleece, so it'll have a little soft edging to it.  :-)  It'll be a nice lap quilt. But because I found a boo boo (my stitching didn't hold on one of the hst) it won't be going anywhere else.  It'll make a cozy lap quilt during winter.  

I'm working on my knitted sweater; it's going ok - I had to rip it out once because somehow, there were a bunch of holes in my knitting.  I'm trying to pay a lot of attention and do well with it.  Afterall, I want to wear it.  There is a little section of it that has stitches that look a little funny.  It'll be on the back so hopefully, not too noticeable.  I'm going to keep going with it and try to get it done. Knitting makes my thumb joints hurt.  Not fun.  So I can only do a little at a time and have to give myself a day or 2 in between if I over-do it.

I'm getting the edging on the baby blanket I'm crocheting, but I'm starting to think, I don't really LIKE the blanket.....sigh.  I think that I'm going to rip it out, and I'm going to use a smaller crochet hook than I used because I don't really like the way it feels/looks.  But, I may have second thoughts.  We'll see.  I'm not going to make any snap decisions.  LOL  

Lets see...oh, right.  I need to work on my mystery quilt from Kelly Anns Quilt Shop in Warrenton.  I haven't gone up to get Clue #3 yet.  I haven't finished Clue #2 but need to get #3 before the end of the month.  

I have the Precious Moments Noah's Ark quilt that I need to cut, then put a new border on, put the backing on and quilt it (still don't know exactly how I'm going to do it....).  I don't know if I want to use flannel in the sandwich or batting.  Still haven't decided that.

I have a couple of ideas for wall hangings....but haven't gotten to those yet. much to do.  Right now, my motivation is out the window!

I did order the pink Hershey Kisses from the Hershey store.  The tag on them say "Its A Girl!" and I have the 4 oz canning jars to put them in. I was going to use the 8 oz but they take too many kisses.  The next project will be to get the labels printed and on them - o wait - I have to BUY the labels first.  Staples in town only had the 1.5 inch and I want 2 or 2.5 inch labels.....and I didn't need the size package they had there anyway.  I don't know if I'm going to go to the city and try to find them or what.

I have the design for the invites done, and did a sample.  It is a pink Onesie with the invite printed on an iron on sheet, and then ironed onto the onesie, front and back.  Cute!  I got envelopes that this will fit into.  I have to do the directions to the complex on paper and then we're pinning the directions to the onesie.  A bit of a project.  But fun.  
So I have the jars, the candy on the way, the onesies all washed and dried (but now need ironing) and the invite almost perfected, will print those out and get them all (26) ironed on, and then I'll be done with that part of the shower planning.
O, and I also have the plates, cups and napkins for the shower.  Got all that at Dollar Tree - whoohoo!
Gotta get the plastic ware still....

I need to make a check list - not like me not to have one.

I think I need a nap.  I'm exhausted!


Kelly Ann said...

for being retired you stay pretty busy..

Amy B said...

Whew. I need a nap just reading what you have accomplished ;)

mainer said...

List,yes. Take a nap on the list, yes!