Thursday, April 1, 2010

Sewing Table extension

I've been busy creating - again. Only this time, it wasn't sewing.  I have done very little sewing this week.  :-(  But, I'm doing other stuff, so its all good!

So this time, I created a sewing table extension.  Or a sewing extension table - whichever.

Here it is - 2 pcs of plexi - had the lady at Lowes cut one to the size for the front piece, and then used the back piece and one whole piece for the other parts.  It's like a puzzle but when it is put together correctly, it works SO well! 

Can you see the 3 separate pieces?
It's also portable!
Heavy duty velcro that holds the pieces together- keeps them from shifting.  A piece on each side of the plexi, then one piece that sticks to the 2 pieces. 

All that is on the bottom is pvc - this is all ready cut and has smooth edges on the bottom so no need for putting any kind of felt on the bottom.  And, as wide as they are, these feet create a very stable base.

Pieces separated. 

Here is my audition wall - this is a huge piece of flannel I found at Wal Mart in the excess (already cut pieces) bin.  It was not very expensive, and is the perfect size for what I do.  It is held with 3M hooks that are easily removed from the wall, and pretty binder clips I found at the Dollar Tree - 3 in a pkg for a dollar.

I walked past it a couple of times, that's why it's wrinkled.  Easily adjusted by just pulling and rehaning on the hooks. :-)

Here is the binder clip:
Well, that's it for now.  Another post will have my newest creations.............sigh, I have craft ADHD.  LOL

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