Saturday, August 11, 2012

My first hand spun yarn

Here is my first hand spun yarn (Lendrum Spinning Wheel).  It is a Polworth/silk blend, 85/15, in Chianti, from Misty Mountain Farms, in Amissville, VA.
I'm pretty proud of it.

It is purple, but the dye has not set. I  have rinsed the yarn twice now, and the second time I rinsed with a tiny bit of vinegar.  It didn't help, maybe because it wasn't enough.
I love my yarn. I know what I need to do differently now - more twist - waaaaaayyyy more twist.  Some of it broke at the joins when I was plying it (adding 2 singles together).

I know, it doesn't look like your "traditional" yarn.  That was on purpose. I don't do much that's traditional. I've lately found that I have a lot more fun if I don't try to be too traditional, or too perfect.  Trying to be perfect in my artistic endeavors makes it no fun for me, and I'm all about having fun with this stuff!

I am having a LOT of pain in my left forefinger joint.  I think I strained it and I think I might have arthritis in it, and it's been very painful for 3 days now.  I haven't spun anymore because of it, which makes me sad.

Hubby and I went to see the movie "Hope Springs" today.  It was mainly set in Maine.  Yeah, I know, I made a pun. Haha.  I love Maine.  I miss Maine.  I miss New England in general.  I don't know why.  Sorry, I digress.  The movie was......good.   A bit more sex than I thought it would have for being rated PG 13.  The story was very good, and it really resonated with me in ways I won't go into.  Meryl Streep is just an amazing actress and I always believe her characters.  She has aged gracefully, and the rolls she takes are amazing.

Today was pretty weather-wise.  The humidity is lowering, and tomorrow is supposed to be really sweet.  Maybe we'll get some outside things done tomorrow...........

I didn't sleep well last night.  Not after 1:30.  Storms rolled in, I was awakened by hubby going to the bathroom, then the thunder and lightening.  I was restless after that, and I kept waking up.  I will sleep well tonight, because I'm tired.

Thanks for letting me share my new yarn. I think I will weave with it because I'm not sure it's sturdy enough to knit with.  It will only be enough for a nice scarf.  I will have to rinse it really well after weaving because of the dye running.  Meanwhile, I can do some research on how to get the dye to stop running!

Now, it's time for ice cream.  Yum!

Take care.


Hilary said...

I love the yarn you spun.....what great color.
And I want to see the've reminded me.

KnittyAJ said...
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KnittyAJ said...

Love your handspun! Make sure you keep the small skein for yourself. Love the color too. Did you dye the yarn yourself> Of course I like purple. I have a Lendrum as well.

**BTW, had an oops in the previous comment, so I deleted it.