Saturday, August 21, 2010

Bad Sewing Karma

Do you ever have a bad sewing day?  I had a bad sewing day today, and a bad cutting day also.
I should have just stayed out of my sewing room!  No, instead, I continue on a path of unfortunate and ugly mistakes....

I am now going to spend hours ripping stitches out of my pinwheel quilt (tried to FMQ it and hated it - but kept going - duh).

I also did a bunch of cutting for my mystery quilt........ugly!  My rotary cutter blade needed changing, then I messed up the order in which it should have gone back together, could NOT seem to get it right, kept trying to cut but knew it wasn't right....kept messing up fabric.  Boy, if I get that thing put together, it'll be a miracle.  We'll see how sewing the uneven edges of 2" squares goes.  Oye.

Off to bed - I can't even see straight from trying to rip stitches out.

Hopefully the new week will bring better sewing karma!

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