Thursday, August 10, 2017

New Life Adventures

When I was young, my parents, who were both born in Maine but lived in Rochester NY, traveled to Maine every summer.  My brothers, 8 & 10 years older than I, and myself, all sat in the back seat of the car.  When my brothers were older, and left the house, it was just me.  Traveling with my parents wasn't always fun.  They drank, and would stop at rest stops and drink from a bottle they kept in the trunk.  It was only when I was older that I realized what was going on.

Traveling though, must be in my blood.  I really love to travel. I love the countryside, cities, mountains and water.  Though I do have to say, I do NOT like traveling over water.....

I love the blue skies, the white mountain tops, the rain on the windshield.

I love seeing small shops and often dream of stopping at each one and going inside to see what they have, and how the people that own the shops live.

I love to see the small towns, and dream of living there, knowing everyone, and being part of a small community that cares about each other ---- or does that only happen on Hallmark movies?

I like our home.  However, I have the wandering lust inside me, and it's been squashed most of my life.  I become a bit insane staying home all the time.  Husband, on the other hand, would stay home all the time, and never leave, if it were up to him.  We are very different, in many different ways.

We have talked about RV's for a very long time.  We have gone to the RV shows nearby, and walked in and out, in and out.  We've looked at the huge haulers, the Class A's, and the Class C's.  We never really considered a Class B - which if you don't know, is a van.  Just a van, with a house inside.

In June we started looking at RV's at the local RV places.  We almost purchased a Class C - till we started researching where to keep it.  It's not easy to store an RV when you live in a community with an HOA.

We finally found one we like.  It's a Winnebago, with a Mercedes diesel engine.
This B van is 24' long.  It's a bit longer than a normal parking space.  We take up about a space and 1/3rd.
The inside has a lot of storage space, a wet bath (which is a toilet, sink and shower in a space about 4' x 3').  There is a kitchen with a 3 burner stove, sink, small fridge, and counter space.  There is a couch in the rear that opens into a bed.  The back doors open, there is a screen, and the windows, though small, do open at the bottom and slant out, so if it's cool but raining, the water doesn't come in (unless it's a blowing rain).

A small view of the inside.  I will have to get more photos.  I've been remiss in getting pics.

We've gone out in it 3 times.  Twice to a local lake campground.  Once up into the mountains to a KOA campground.

I'm so NOT a camper.....I want to travel, and have my house with me so I'm comfortable when we stop.   I want to see all the things, the landscapes, the shops, the food.

The dogs are joining us on this adventure.  Though I miss Leo the cat a lot, it's good knowing we aren't leaving him behind.  He hated being left alone.

I hope to post about our travels, and eventually, I'm hoping that the traveling will be long-term, not just a weekend here and there, or a 2 week long trip - which we have planned for September - to Maine.  I'd love to travel across the country, see the things I've only seen pictures of, and see people I know that live in all parts of this country. California, Oregon, Washington state, New Mexico, Arizona, Texas, and other fun places.  I want to stay where there aren't a lot of people all the time.  I want to walk the dogs, and find peace.

It may not be in the cards to do everything I hope to do.  I have to consider that my dream, isn't necessarily Hub's dream. He feels claustrophobic in the van. I feel cozy.  He feels like it's a lot of work, I feel like it's a simplified version of life.  He thinks it's a hassle, and I love it.  Planning has been stressful - but mostly because there are requirements to what he wants out of a place.  It's all good.  We'll make it work.

If I were to do anything differently, I would have done this a LOT sooner.  Like, 10 years ago.  If there was anything else I'd do differently, I'd have gotten a much smaller van, not 24 feet long.  Something that looks like a regular van, that fits in normal parking spaces.  This one will be a bit of a challenge.