Saturday, November 21, 2015

What's New?

Well, around here, there's always something.  I get bored easily - did you figure that out already?  Ha!

This past week, I went back to the Pulmonary doctor for my second appointment. I've been diagnosed with Bronchiectasis.  It's a disease that has no cure, but there are many levels to the disease. I've been told I have a very mild case.  That's a good thing.  However, they want to know the cause of it, and that hasn't been found yet.  We will continue to try figuring it out, but there are about 50% of the cases they never really know what is the cause.

I've also been told they "think" I have asthma.  I've never had an asthma attack.  I do have some wheezing.  I've tried 2 different inhalers, and they don't really make a difference.

Leave it to me to get a disease that is somewhat rare (1 in 200,000 people have it).  If I don't start getting better help/answers from the hospital, I'll find another doctor. I do like the hospital, but, the one downfall is that they have you see the Fellows or residents for certain things, instead of seeing an experienced doctor.....and I'm not in this for guessing games.  As happened with my heart, I don't want to be a practice patient.  I want to see a doc that's been around the block and has a way of finding answers..........

I've been knitting up a storm.  I don't know why.  I get in this mood, and I want to knit. I want to become a better knitter.  However, I realize I will never be a knitter that does beautiful lacy shawls, or scarves, or follows a pattern.   I'm a free-form sort of person.  I don't like to follow rules - if you read my blog, you know this about me already.  So I sort of make up my own rules and ways of doing things that don't involve things like using 4 dpns for getting to the small part of the hat.  Hats and fingerless gloves are what I've been making, for friends and family.  I don't normally do Christmas gifts, but I feel generous this year.  And for goodness sake, what else am I going to do with several sets of hats and gloves????

Excuse the crappy photos. Taken inside, with light from behind, by camera phone, by husband......need I say more?

That's about it for this post.  Dinner is cooking and I'm starving - as usual. I'm down by 31 lbs.  I don't think I've mentioned that.  For my next goal, I need to lose 6 lbs.  That will be a BIG goal.  Then, I will have 50 more to reach the goal of the highest weight I want to be at.  Eventually, if I can pull it off, I would like to lose between 50 and 80 lbs....although I'm not sure I'll live long enough (mostly because it's going SOOOOO slowly!) to get 80 lbs off !  I'm no spring chicken.  Just realistic.

Take care.

Sunday, November 8, 2015

Am I Crazy or What???

Or am I glutton for punishment?  Who knows!  However, I've taken on a new craft with a new, very expensive, very technical sewing/embroidery machine......

Yep, that's right.  I bought a Janome MC15000 v2 machine at the Quilt and Sewing Expo in Fredericksburg, VA.  Call me crazy!

I've sewn before, and coveted the really nice, fancy, many feet involved, sewing machines.  I've even quilted before, and liked it to a certain extent.  However, I have no desire to do all the math, or cut huge pieces of cloth into small pieces of cloth then sew them back together.

Besides, it's only fun if you have a LOT of different cloth of all colors.  Right?  And I can't really afford that.  I also don't have the space.

Speaking of space, I had to reorganize my space to accommodate the new machine.  It's pretty large, not to mention that the embroidery arm sticks out the back of it at least a foot and a half.

The machine, all lit up.

It's a beauty for sure.

I finally (after weeks) got brave enough to try a design.  It's a built-into-the-machine design.  Mostly, people pay and download new designs.....which is certainly something that could certainly get me into a LOT of trouble.....

Although it doesn't look like it, this is blue thread on a white background.  It's a terrible cell phone pic taken at night, which I tried to fix both on my phone AND on my computer.  This is the best I could do.  The design with the words is about 6.5 inches height and width.  It's a bit puckered, but I've been told if I used more stabilizer behind it, that could be remedied.

I'll be working on some more but I am researching and trying to find answers to questions I can't find anywhere else.  I've asked if there is a really good, current book, that is similar to the Quilters book I have, which has all sorts of excellent info in it, for those of us that need hand holding from beginning to end.  No one has suggested a good book yet.

I do feel that I will be getting back into some sewing though, eventually. I have to get up enough stamina to pull the bins of cloth that I have stashed away in the basement and see what I have.

I attended a class yesterday, which actually consisted of watching a slide show giving information about stabilizers.  It was informative and something I had questions about.  Now, I just need to put the information into action.  The class also referenced a vest that was made, and embroidered.  The style of the vest appealed to me, as well as the way it was sewn together, so I purchased the vest pattern.  It'll be a good vest pattern to use for hand woven fabric.  The instructor suggested using embroidery on pockets and adding the pockets to the vest, which gave me the perfect idea for using my hand woven for the vest, then using commercial fabric to embroider on, and sew onto the vest.  I woke up thinking about it.  Now I have to get busy weaving fabric to make the vest!

The weather has been quite strange lately.  Last week, it was 80 for 2 days.  It's November!  I don't mind too much, but when it goes from 80 to 54, it's a drastic change and my body doesn't love it.  I don't like heat, but it did feel good since we'd had some colder days and nights as well.

That's about it for today.  I can't believe Thanksgiving is only a couple of weeks away, and Christmas is only a few weeks after that!  Yikes!