Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Powhatan's Festival of Fiber, Journey to the Golden Fleece, and More!

Hello.  I've been on shutdown mode for awhile, and I apologize.  Not a good way to keep followers.

I was working very hard to be prepared for Powhatan's Festival of Fiber.  It was very stressful for me, as I was hoping I'd have some sales.  Yes, I did all right last year, but there were going to be more vendors there this year, and a couple of very well-known ones to boot.  I was very stressed about the entire thing.....but I needn't be.  We had the BEST customers come in, and I got many compliments on the way the tent looked and the setup.  A lot of people told me they were very excited to see the fiber in 4 ounce braids.  It was extremely organized, especially with all my new grid walls.
From the front.  Yeah, my sign is missing.  It dawned on me after I took the pics, that I had forgotten to put my sign up!  Duh.

From the side.  The way the tents are organized, they are in a quad.  So I had 2 sides open, and a person on each of the closed sides. The grid walls fit perfectly!
Some close ups:  Dream catchers and hand spun yarn, with commercially dyed fiber in the background.
 My hand made spindles.  Sold a few of these.  Taught a couple of people some tricks and tips.  It was fun!
 These are the add-ins I sell.  Some Milk fiber - yes, it's made from the protein of the milk; some batts that I made; and some other stuff.

It was a beautiful day, except for some wind gusts.  That made things.....interesting!  lol

The ETSY shop is being updated, slowly but surely.  I had to place an order to restock after the fiber festival, and then, I had a big sale on ETSY, and had to reorder!  Not a bad problem to have!!!!!  :-)

There have been a lot of things going on in the house too.  Two weeks ago, we had a very hard rain storm, and we ended up with water in the basement!  We have lived in this house over 9 years now, and this is the first time we had water seep into the basement.  The good news is, I found it immediately.  And, our basement isn't finished.  Concrete floor.  The other good news is, we had most of our stuff in plastic bins.  I don't think anything important got wet.  I'm not a fan, nor ever have been, of cardboard boxes.  I'm glad of that!  We store a LOT of stuff in the basement, including my fiber, but nothing got ruined, thank goodness!  We also have a wet-vac so we were able to vacuum up the water.  We went out the next day and got a dehumidifier.  It didn't work right, returned it, and got another one, and it's working fine.  I really like how dry the basement feels now.  My fiber dries extra quickly too!  Win win win.

On the same note as the water seepage, is the fact of WHY it was seeping dear hubby called a couple of people.  They said it could be the runoff from the gutters.  We had our siding guy come out, and put a larger gutter on the front, and add larger downspouts.  They also made the gutters slant from the center out, and that should help with the runoff.  Geesh.

Meanwhile, we had another hard rain (no seepage even before the gutters were fixed, thank goodness) and we noticed that part of the water that was in the driveway wasn't drying up.  Dear hubby went out with our little tractor, and he was leveling out the driveway because we thought the water was just hanging out in the ruts.  Nope, that wasn't the problem.  The well is near that part of the driveway, and there was water seeping up through the ground.  What the heck!!!!!  We called a well repair company, and they came out the next morning.  They were great - they dug by hand, and found there was cement down there (they don't put cement down there anymore, they use a more flexible product) and they found that the connector to the well from the pipe, was corroded.  There was a hole in it!  Blah.  Luckily it was an easy fix.  So we had the well guys and the gutter guys here at the same time.  Talk about stimulus overload!

Today, we are having the hot water heater replaced.  Ours was from 1991.  A bit old.  So many repair people (including the gutter guy and the well guys and they plumber we had here a few months ago) told us that we shouldn't let it go that long.....eventually, it would rust out and we'd end up with a leak.  After hearing so many people say that, we decided it would be wise to be safer rather than sorry!  So the new water heater went in today.  I hope it works well.  I always worry that after the workmen leave, something will go wrong......and leaks we don't want!

Tomorrow, I have a dental appointment, because I have some sensitivity issues...not fun.

Next week, we have our Master Bathroom shower replaced.  Not the entire bathroom as Bath Fitters doesn't do that.  But the shower is as old as the water heater was - 1991.  Awful.  We have hard water, so we have a lot of mineral deposits and the caulk just doesn't work anymore.  That will feel really good, to have a new, walk-in shower!

So, on to the Journey to the Golden Fleece........I haven't done mod II yet, have you?  I just haven't had the time, or energy, to put into it.  But, I'm getting ready to prepare my fiber, and start spinning.  The good news is, I just got a new e-spinner, which can handle the speed I like to spin at, and the bulkiness of the fun art yarns I want to get better at doing, and it can still handle fine, thin yarns.  It's very exciting!   Mod III is out, but I want to get Mod II done, even though we're supposed to keep up.

Well, that's about it for me.  I want to get this posted.  When I get some yarns done on my new e-spinner, I'll post them here!
Take care and be good to yourself.