Saturday, November 17, 2018

Journals ~ 3 x 5 Cards

Hello!  I told you I'd be back!
I am here with some of the 3 x 5 cards I have decorated, and a few ways I've used them so far. I find that decorating 3 x 5 cards is not overwhelming, I can play around and if I really dislike it, I can just toss it with little loss.  It's a good way to practice, find what you like and don't like, try new techniques, and use up some little bits and bobs.

Warning!  This post is photo heavy.  If the photos are too small, click on them - they will enlarge.

I have purchased at Tuesday Morning, two batches of Tattered Angels sprays.  They have a bit of a shine to them, which I love.  However, the sprays don't always come out as fine as I'd like them to. They have large droplets that I don't love.  I guess transferring them to bottles with a finer mist spray, or a better sprayer, would help, but I don't know that I care to go to all that trouble.  Then there are the labels - which wouldn't be transferable.  So it's kind of a bummer and a hassle.  However, I do love the looks of the sprays and most of the colors, and I got them at a good price since I purchased them at Tuesday Morning.

Here are some of the cards - some are sprayed with the Tattered Angels mists, and some are done with the Distress Ink Pads, and some with Archival Ink Pads (I have sets of both in the mini pads).

Below, you can see a card (sorry about the lighting).  The first photo is the front of the card where I sprayed.  The 2nd photo is where I flipped the card over. I've cut some composition book paper from a Dollar Tree book to fit behind the card.  I stapled the paper to the card, but I don't like the look of the staple, and I decided to cover it with shiny metallic thin Washi tape.  I really like it now.

 The little booklet is now tucked inside a pocket I made, using another 3 x 5 card, which I covered with a tea bag (save those tea bags you make your tea to stain the papers with!).  I dry the tea in a bowl, which takes a couple of days.  When it's dry, or almost dry, I carefully open the bag, remove the tea inside (dump in the trash, not down your drain!), carefully open the bags along the seam, and lay them on paper towels to dry. They dry very quickly.  I stamped a teapot and a teacup onto the bag, glued the bag to the 3 x 5 card, and glued the card around 3 edges to make the pocket.

 I used my Distress ink pads and a dauber to spread the ink around on the surface of the cards here.  When they were dry, I used various stamps to stamp with, in different colors.
These two are the fronts of the cards.

These two are the backs of the cards above.There are very faint stamps on this side, but I wanted to keep this side for writing on.
Close up of the card

This card is sprayed with Tattered Angels sprays for the background, dried, then stamped with various stamps, added a couple of pieces of torn book pages, and a ticket.  

 And this is the flip side - the brown craft paper at the bottom can be a tiny tuck spot as I left the top open.  There is a bit of cheesecloth glued under the edge of the brown craft paper, more
stamping, and another bit of book page.
Here I used Distress Ink with a dauber on the background, then stamped with a silver ink.  The falling stars are embossed, which of course you can't see in the photo, and the star outlines aren't embossed. 

This is the flip side - which I did NOT emboss - and it can be written on. The stamping again is very faint so writing with a pen would be easily seen.
<----------------------- p="">
 Here is a falling heart stamp, on a Distress Ink rubbed background.
<--------------- p="">

This is the flip side of the above card, again, with very faint stamping so it can easily be written on.
More examples of cards below, done is the same fashion as the ones above, with different stamps and inks. 

Below is a signature cover I made, using a copy of a 12 x 12 page out of a paper packet.  I rounded the corners, inked the edges, and the back side/inside of it is a different, more faint pattern.
I sued a sprayed (with Tattered Angels spray), 3 x 5 card with rounded edges, then stamped with an alphabet stamp on it.  This is a garden journal.  I glued around the bottom and 2 side edges, so this is a pocket which a tag fits into. 

The tag that fits into the pocket is a copy I made which comes from the same book as the paper I used for the cover. I put lines on the back in pencil so they are faint. 

Some of the cards I used Distress Ink stamping pad on, using a dauber for the background. I then stamped on them.

Here are more examples of cards. I tried to show close ups but the shine doesn't show on camera.


Below is another example of how I've used 3 x 5 cards, and one larger card that I made out of card stock and made a huge tag out of it.  It was so big, and the pocket was too, I used cotton lace across the center of the page to help hold the tag in.  It works great!

The paper cutout is taped to the tag, can be turned over to write on. The back of the tag can also be written on. 

I have a cute little punch that makes these corner holders, so I punched the corners of a 3 x 5 card with it, then took this paper and cut it down to fit into the corner holders.  I really like the EK punches, but from my research, I believe they don't make them with the "whale tail" handle anymore.  It's too bad, these are the best punches I have!

The back of the 3 x 5 card tag can be written on because hey, the lines already exist!  

These are just some of the ways I've used these tags.  I'll be posting some others in the next few days.  Today is getting away from me, so I need to skedaddle!  

Craft happy, take care, and have a GREAT day!  

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