Monday, May 15, 2017

Losing Loved Ones

It's never easy to lose a loved one, be it human or furkids.  Last week, we unexpectedly lost our furry boy, Leo.  He hadn't been feeling well, and I took him back to the new-to-us vet around the corner, and she recommended doing a sinus flush, shaving his hair and giving his skin and coat a break from the excessive shedding, and doing a nasal x-ray.  I thought, finally, we will get some answers and the poor kid will feel better.  Next thing I know, I'm getting a phone call saying that he's crashing and he's not going to make it.

What a complete shock!

I've been very sad, and feeling very, very guilty.  I should have questioned whether it was safe to put him under anesthesia.  I worked at a vet clinic and I KNOW that there should have been precautions taken - such as a chest x-ray, before being sedated.  Sigh.

Leo came to us as a feral cat.  When I worked at the vet clinic, there was a lady that rescued feral cats, and Leo was one of the kittens that was brought in and up for adoption.  He was never a cuddly cat, though if I was sick, or recovering from a surgery, he was always the one that was right there with me.

This look - THIS was Leo.  He was a very LOUD cat.  He talked all the time.  He would answer me if I said "Leo!" with a "Brrrrrrp?"   When he wanted more water in his water bowl, he'd YELL at hubby, and hubby, being well trained by Leo, would fill that water bowl.

Leo was always around to help.  He owned us all and everything in the house.  He'd inspect anything new that came in, and would give it his approval.  Except when we brought in other animals.  Then, he was never thrilled.

This cat.  Such a HUGE presence.  The house is very, very quiet.  The dogs aren't getting chased anymore.  There are no more giant clumps of hair to pick up.  I don't have to have a gate to the basement up anymore because there is no cat litter box for the dogs to get into.

In many ways, this is a sad time, but in other ways, I know Leo isn't suffering anymore.  He had spent the last 5 years blowing his coat so badly that he had to be on Predisilone for 6 months out of the year.  He was sneezing, coughing, and doing this weird thing where it sounded like he was coughing or wheezing.  No one, even when I showed them videos, did anything except say, maybe it's asthma.  Well, I should have pushed for the meds to at least try them and see if they would have helped.  I didn't.  I feel as though I failed him terribly.

RIP sweet boy.  You're very missed.

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Becky New said...

I'm so sorry to read about Leo. I understand how difficult it is to lose our pets.