Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Turning Winter

Autumn was beautiful here.
It was very dry, the weather was beautiful, and for the most part, very warm and mild.
A lot of the leaves that usually just turn brown and fall off, were hanging on and more beautiful than I ever think I've seen them here in VA.
These photos were taken at the lake in our community.

I really enjoyed fall in our new community and new home.
I'm also enjoying playing my flutes.  I have a new flute on the way, and will post about it when it gets here.
I also have a new amplifier that is made especially for the Native American Flutes, because it is light weight and has a very small but powerful microphone, and has the echo features that make the flutes sound like they are being played in a canyon, and it enhances the flute sounds beautifully.  It's called a Litek amp, and even though it was a lot more expensive than I'd hoped to spend, it is really worth it.
We are starting up a new flute circle in Fredericksburg (VA) in January. I'm very excited, but I'm also starting to get very nervous about it.  Putting myself out there in front of people and exposing myself, and talking in front of a group, and being the one to facilitate (because there aren't leaders in flute circles....just people to help it along), I'm just not used to being the one in the spotlight. If it were to fail, I'd take it personally, even though I shouldn't (because I can't MAKE people show up, right?).

I hope I succeed at the new flute circle.  Sharing this new passion of mine, bringing others into the fold of the excitement and sharing the beautiful music of the flutes and putting it out to the Universe, is really special.

Today it has rained very hard, which is needed here.  It's been very, very dry, and the ponds and rivers are really low compared to normal.  Sometimes I wish it were snow, but I know what a hassle it is for others around here.  Most people dislike the snow immensely.  I love it.  I think it's beautiful.  I haven't seen a white Christmas in so many years, I don't even remember what it's like anymore.  How about you?   Do you love a white Christmas, or would you rather not see the white stuff?

There is so much uncertainty in the U.S. right now.  I don't know if this nation can handle what might happen.  It's been a very strained few months lately - the election, the doubt, the fires here on the east coast, the Standing Rock situation with the Native Americans, and the violence.  I read stories about mothers or fathers or boyfriends harming their children and it just breaks my heart.  I see things about animals being mistreated, think about all the horses that go to auction every month, and think about the people who mistreat and starve their animals and wonder, how does anyone DO that?  I try very hard to stay centered, not let the ugliness get to me.

I play my flutes, I keep people and animals in my thoughts while I play.  I pray I am bringing some peace and justice to them while I'm playing and sending good vibrations out to the world.

I hope that you have a peaceful and joyous season of giving and receiving, that your life is good, and that you are fulfilled.
Take care and thanks for letting me share.

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