Saturday, July 30, 2016

Pink Scarves....continued

Someone asked me about the dark pink at the hole in the long scarf.  On Ravelry, it seems, the favorite is the long one with the hole, that has the cotton warp, and the variable weft with ribbon, cording and yarn.

Here is a photo of that hole close up - with dark pink yarn on one side, and light pink on the other. 

This is a fun and easy technique.  You weave on one side with one yarn, and on the other side with another yarn, leaving the space in the middle (or there about). 

The fun part about this weaving is that there are NO rules.  I don't try too hard, because when I do, I don't usually like the outcome.

Today, I plan on winding another warp, but this one will be with finer threads, and I think I'll weave with finer threads as well.  I haven't decided yet if it will have the variable inclusions, like the ribbon yarn (seen in the close up photo above - it's that dark yarn below the hole, with other bits of color in it), or if I'll make it all fine yarn.  I'm leaning toward a fine yarn scarf - something cool and light for summer wear.  I have a feeling our real estate agent, who started me on this path of pink scarves because she asked for a pink scarf (she's a breast cancer survivor), will lean more toward the lighter, airier scarf.  It's her style. 

Thanks for checking back with me.  As always, take care.

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