Thursday, May 26, 2016

Keep On Keeping On

I can't believe it was April when I wrote my last post!  How the heck did that happen?  Here it is, almost the end of May.

Some things have changed.  We are still moving.  However, we won't have that view that I posted about in that lost post, which is here.

When we had the inspection done on that house, we found out that it has just been treated for mold.  It actually happened between the time we put in the offer, and the time of the inspection.  The fact that the selling agent hadn't informed our agent of this fact, when we made the offer, sort of threw us for a loop.  When I heard the news of the mold, even though it had [just] been taken care of, I decided I couldn't live in the house comfortably knowing there had been mold, and not knowing how long it had existed before it had been taken care of.  Since I already have a lung disease, I knew I'd be constantly worried about the house, and the effects it would have on me.

We looked at a LOT more houses.   We put in an offer on 2 more homes, and for one reason or another, they also fell through.

We went back to a home we originally looked at when it all started.  It sits on the tenth tee of the golf course.  I wasn't (and still am not) thrilled about that.  However, it's the only house with the layout closest to what I was looking for.

I have a friend who continually told me, "You can't get everything you want in one home."  I started to fall into the belief myself.  It's probably true, unless you build a house from the ground up.

Are there some things I'll change about this house?  Yes.  They are cosmetic changes.  I will paint some walls.  I will change the kitchen out for a more modern one.  The kitchen appliances, floor and counters, all need updating, as well as the washer and dryer.  I am hoping to have that all done within a year.  It depends on how quickly we can sell the farm though.  

Packers arrive on June 9.  Delivery is the 10th.  Then lots of work on both houses.  Clean the old one and get it photographed.  Clean the new house and get it all organized.  I take my time.  Hubby wants everything done in a day.  That ain't gonna happen this time.

This weekend is Memorial Day weekend.

Remembering those who have defended our country, and lost their lives over it.
To most, it means sales and deals.

Thanks for stopping by. I'll try, really try, to post more often.  Not having my crafts (everything is packed!!!!) to depend on for something interesting to talk about, has been hard.  I'll never pack all my crafts first, ever again!  Of course, I hope not to move ever again either!

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