Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Blizzard 2016 or Winter Storm Jonas

Jonas was a whopper of a storm.  It started out calmly enough at 11:15 a.m. here in Orange, VA on Friday, but quickly moved into a category known as a Nor'easter.  Yep, good, old fashioned, Nor'easter.  Wind whipping, snow blowing, bare spots in some places, and 5 foot drifts in others.  Jonas ended his wrath on us at around 9 p.m. on Saturday night.

This was the sunrise Friday morning - we never did see the sun that day......

Sunrise before the storm.
I did a lot of prep work on Friday because we were told there was no doubt we'd lose power.  Two years ago, after a storm not nearly this bad, we lost power for almost ten days.  It was awful.  That's the year I drove 70 miles to a store where they had power, and bought a huge generator.  That thing saved us that year.  In late 2014, I insisted that we prepare for winter weather so that when it [inevitably] hit, we would be prepared, instead of worried all the time that we weren't prepared.  I'm really thankful that I was insistent.  It's been really great knowing we are prepared and as the saying goes, "prior and proper preparation prevents piss pour performance......"

We had our electrical box set up so we have a switch that when if the power goes out, we can flip that switch, then start the generator, then flip whatever switches we need to run whatever needs to be run.  It's not a whole-house generator.  We looked into one of those and between the cost, and the fact we'd have to put in a propane tank, and make sure our propane was always full (which is difficult enough in good weather but in winter with snow on the ground, would be a challenge), the thing would have to sit right below our bedroom window, as well as right in the path of where we walk from the back door, to the barn.  It was not ideal...and again, very expensive.  More than we wanted to invest.

The transfer switch was less expensive by far, and we had already invested in a good generator.  So we decided on that route.  I'm so grateful we did.  It's not perfect, but it takes a LOT of the pressure off us during a power outage.

The snow and wind were exhausting.  The snow just kept coming, and the wind was howling all day Saturday and into Saturday night.

However, Sunday dawned bright and beautiful.....and with tons of snow to be moved.  This below is the Mister.  After plowing the gravel driveway (which is why it's not plowed down to the gravel).
We have an extremely long driveway.  This is only about a quarter of it.

This is Gabbi, our little Maltese.  This was during the storm, when she had to go potty.  We shoveled the front yard, and poor little thing, I had to make sure she didn't blow away!  Her ears blew up just as I snapped this shot, and she looked like she was going to fly away.
This is Blue, who is wondering where his grass went that he'd been eating yesterday!  He was NOT happy that the grass was gone....under a couple of feet of snow.

This is what it looked like in the town of Culpeper on Sunday.  People walking in the roads because the sidewalks were full of snow.
We survived.  No loss of power.  Some loss of sleep due to worry, but I worked really hard not to worry too much.  We were SO prepared.

I had cooked a bunch of food on Friday morning.  I made chicken breasts, and chicken thighs, and a sort of chili - we don't like spice so it was ground chicken, baked beans, diced tomatoes, salt and pepper.  It was yummy when we finally ate it.

If we don't get anymore snow, I'll be okay with that.  This was a big storm for our area of the country. I know other areas got hit with a lot more damage, and I feel really bad, especially for the residents along the east coast that have been hit several times in the last few years with flooding and erosion tearing away the coastline.

I'm not one to wish away time.  January is almost over (I can hardly believe it).  February is a "short" month.  March usually brings in spring, so it's very close.  I will look forward to warmer weather.  My arthritis has been painful, and it gets so every winter now.  Not fun.  Age is sneaking up on me.  Also not fun.  However, I am trying to live my life by the day, and not be the year.  I'm also trying not to think about my age but about how I want to live.

Thanks for stopping by.  I hope if you were affected by this storm, you're doing well and didn't suffer any loss or damage.

Take care,

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