Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Forever Evolving.....

It seems I've only been able to post something on my blog about once a month.  Mostly, lately, because I'm still healing from the knee surgery, but that only explains the last 2 months.  Ha!

I've become addicted to a new craft.  Making the rope bowls/baskets.  I guess they are sort of a combo basbowl?  Bowlbask?  I dunno.

Here is a photo that has most of the things I've made since starting:

©Martha Manigross
There are coasters, bowls, baskets, and one little handbag style.  They are all useful.  Some I've made, aren't in the picture. I have one holding my headphones over by the t.v. (where I use my iPad and sometimes want to hear something on YouTube).  I have one very small one holding my Ikea measure tapes I use to measure when I'm weaving.  I have one that I use on the floor, that holds the rope I make these with. I have to unwind it from the holder it comes on, so it's not all twisted while I'm trying to sew it.

The one on the far right, holds 4 bathroom type hand towels.  PERFECT size. I'll be making more of these to sell.  The one on the far left under the other bowls, is with black thread.  I don't like it at all.  Someone might.  I dunno.

There are some coasters there in the front too.  They are nice - work great.  I have a couple we use ourselves.

A friend asked me to make one she could put 4 prescription medicine bottles in to place next to her bed.  I sent her one and it fits perfectly. She's happy with it.  :-)

Most of these have been sewn with regular quilting thread from the large spools available in some stores (like Wal Mart and JoAnns).  These things go through thread like crazy!  One or two have been sewn with upholstery thread, that is very strong.  I did, however, figure out the hard way, that those spools of thread have a lot less on them, than the average spools of thread.  DUH.  I went through 2 spools (winding bobbins included) making 2 small bowls!

I also tried some variegated thread on one of them, and it's quite subtle, which I don't mind.

However, I tend to like the thread that blends in the most - a cream or beige thread.  The zig zag actually is shown INSIDE the bowls, where the outside shows the underneath part of the zig zag.  I like the neutral look of this.

I have not sold any yet, however.  Sadly, I've put a couple on Etsy but no takers yet.  People are still going to my Etsy site to view fiber stuffs.  Since I'm getting out of the fiber selling side of things, it doesn't really do me any good to have the views.

I'm convinced that evolving my business to the "made things" side is going to be even more difficult to market and sell, than the fiber selling side was.  If it were up to me, I'd still open a physical shop, and sell both types of things.  Of course, for the optimum advantage, I'd have to open the shop in a well known, well shopped area - and that - I can't afford.

So evolving from reselling the fiber, to selling made goods, is going to be even more challenging than I thought.  However, I'm enjoying MAKING so much more than I was just reselling fiber....so it's all a trade-off.

Now, I am trying to find events I can sell my items at, that won't cost me an arm and leg to attend.  I'm also looking for galleries I can submit to, for juried shows that both show and sell.  It isn't easy!

I'm almost finished with a 5 yard weaving that will be cloth for another garment.  It's sort of an eclectic mix of patterns and colors because I was in various moods while I was weaving.   I'm not sure how cohesive the look will be of the cloth, but I decided not to worry about that!  Isn't that the entire idea behind Saori???  Why, yes, it is!

I'm also working on changing the name of my company.  It needs to be something more......evolved....more general....more......I dunno.  Since my first and last name both begin with M, I'm thinking of a large M and the rest of my first and last name after it.  I'm pretty sure I can't do it here, which will also make it difficult to do on a business card but it can be done....  I've seen it elsewhere like that.

Anyway, that's about it from me.  I'll try to keep up better from here on out, but no promises.  No one really reads this anyway.  It's sort of an outlet for me, that's all.

Take care,

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