Thursday, February 5, 2015

Flashbacks & Fun!

Yesterday afternoon I was able to sit down at my new Saori loom for awhile. I've been weaving a little bit here and there.  I don't want to rush through this warp.  This  is something I'm working on.  Normally, I get going on a project, and I can't wait to finish it, so I rush through it, then I'm not happy with it.  

It's very easy to take it slow and steady on this loom.  It's almost like it creates a zen-like peaceful aura around it.  I can't explain it.  Maybe it has to do with the fact it's only 2 shafts, and the artful part of the weaving, comes from working the weft into something creative and beautiful.  

©Martha Manigross
The above photo is my view when I'm sitting at my loom.  The little lamp sitting on the shelf is an Ikea lamp.  It has a small LED bulb in it, and it casts a perfect light on the weaving.  It's not too bright, not too dark, and it shines exactly the right amount of light in the exact right space.  Behind that you can see the grid wall I have the cones of yarn sitting on.  There are also 2 baskets that have various yarns sitting in them, all sizes and colors and textures.  It's fun choosing what I want to use next.  

Yesterday, I had the 60's station playing music on my Direct t.v. and I was in my little office just listening to the music of my teenage years (I remember these songs from the early 70s, but they are listed as 60's songs).  Some of them brought back some great memories.  Like Hey Jude, the long version, the song to which I had my first slow dance with a boy.   Aquarius came on and  I was thrown back to my high school years, when we were in English class, discussing Hair and Jesus Christ Superstar.  Both were so outrageous at the time! 

It also brought back the memories of me in Art class, the only class I ever felt like I fit in.  I wasn't real brain in school.  I was awkward, I didn't fit in with the "cool" kids, though I knew them and they spoke to me.  I wore high top Army style boots to school almost every day.  I wore jeans and t-shirts.  To this day, I still dress this way.  I've always wondered if I would ever change, but the way I dress is me.....and I'm not going to change that. 

Weaving yesterday really made me feel good. 

©Martha Manigross
This is a triple clasped weft.  I have to keep doing the techniques I learned in class, so I don't forget how to do them.  The part resting on the front beam, is just double clasped weft, but above that is hte triple. 

©Martha Manigross
Above is the double and triple clasped weft, and below it, on the front beam, is eyelash yarn.  I worked to get it to stick out like that, using a wide tooth comb.  

All of these techniques take time to do, and that slows me down, and teaches me to enjoy the process.  Traditional weaving is so robotic - thread the loom a certain way, such as 1,2,3,4, and then treadling to get certain patterns.  You make one wrong treadle, and you're unweaving, sometimes for rows and rows, just to correct that one mistake.

In Saori weaving, there are NO mistakes!  It is all a creative endeavor and you're not over-thinking it or trying to copy someone else's patterns.  It's all you, Babe!

©Martha Manigross
Above is my seating arrangement in front of my loom. I have a table beside me to hold the bobbins and the current cones I'm working from.  Above me are all the cones I have to choose from.  I'm going to start keeping my eyes open for various textured yarns, and more colors.  This warp is all purples, with bits of surprises thrown in.  I plan on working with browns/tans, yellows/oranges, reds/pinks, whites/tans, and greens, and whatever other combinations I can put together. I'm actually looking forward to making cloth.  

I haven't measured this warp because it's the one that is included with the loom when it arrives.  I know it's not very long.  Long enough to make something though!  When I put the next warp on, it's 33 meters, so I'll have to start measuring with my Ikea paper rulers I pin along the side.  This way, I'll know how much yardage to make of each color scheme.  With each color scheme, I'll be throwing in some surprises, like ribbon yarn, or sparkle, or hand spun yarn, bits of combed top, and other various bits and bobs, to make it texture and make it interesting. 

I'm really enjoying this process a lot.

Till later, take care,

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