Thursday, February 19, 2015

A New Shirt

Hello!  Winter finally arrived here in VA.  We had snow - maybe about 5-6" - the other day.  It's pretty.  At least things aren't all gray and brown anymore!  Everything is brighter.  However, the temps are awful!  Frigid!  Freezing - no - below freezing.  And wind!  The wind chills are below 0.  UGH.  I can't get warm.  Our poor heat pump is useless in this weather.  I need to get up and do situps or jumping jacks or something!  SOOOOO cold......

On another note, I finished the warp that came on my Saori 60 non-folding loom.  I love my little loom. It's SO easy to handle.

The loom came with a black cotton warp.  I can't remember the width and length, but off the loom it came to about 5 yards, and about 15" wide I think.  After washing, of course, it shrunk some.

The strangest thing happened, I didn't take ANY photos of it off the loom!  That is really unlike me.  I just didn't have the time to photograph it.  I was in a hurry to have it become what it wanted to become.  I really wanted a shirt.  Not another vest.  Shorter than my last hand woven, hand sewn project.  That's this one here, which is the one I made in Saori class.

©Martha Manigross
I wanted my new cloth to become a shirt.  I struggled because I am not experienced in fitting to a dress form; I didn't have a pattern - mostly because patterns don't fit me; and I had a bunch of narrow pieces, not wider pieces.  It took some figuring, some experiments, and lots of trust in myself....then pinning, basting, sewing, and mainly just going for it.

Here is my new shirt:
©Martha Manigross
This is what it looks like worn alone.  Yes, the hem is all wonky.  No, there are no darts in it to give it a shape.  Yes,  I like it like this.  There is lots of texture and design.  This is how I meant it to be worn.  However..................

©Martha Manigross
This is what it looks like if I turn the front to the back.  It still fits.  It looks fine this way too - well, except maybe for the loopy yarn part next to my right armpit.  LoL

Then, if I want to wear a shirt under it, it can be worn with a long sleeve, short sleeve shirt, or a tank top, like below:

©Martha Manigross
It's probably not everyone's cup of tea, but it's mine.  I love this shirt. I'll be making more.  The pieces were narrow, and I had to sew a lot together to get it to fit around me.  I'm really happy with this shirt.

I'll be making more.  I just have to figure out how to get my new Saori pre-made warp onto the loom, and I'll be off and weaving again!  Not today though.  I'm cold and tired. It's late afternoon, the dogs will want to be fed, and then our dinner needs to be started.  Then t.v. time.  Then bed time.  I can hardly wait till bed time!

I've been working out at the gym, going to my PT sessions, and yesterday, I went to see a Sports Medicine Orthopedic doctor for my knee.  The news isn't excellent.  Surprise!  I need surgery!  I already knew that.  What I didn't expect, however, was that he told me I'll probably need knee replacement surgery sooner rather than later.

I had my knee operated on in 1990.  That's 25 years ago.  At the time, they scraped out the arthritis and a few loose bits.  They said I'd be lucky if it lasted a few years.  I think 25 is more than a few, don't you?  I'm happy that I was able to go SO long till I needed another tune-up.  :-)

I have had 3 or 4 people tell me, they had their knees replaced and it was the best thing they ever did - because they are no longer in pain.  Hmm.  I have one friend who's husband had a couple of replacements, and now, they can't do anything else for him.  He's in terrible pain most of the time and had to quit work.  I don't want to be like that.

So we'll see.  I have to get some testing done before getting the surgery, so once the testing is done next week, we'll schedule the surgery date.  Recovery is pretty quick, so I'm not anticipating any real setbacks.  I'll be back to my spinning and weaving soon.

Right now, I just want warmer weather.  And to go to bed.  It's too late in the day to go back to bed, so I'll keep hoping for warmer weather!

Take care.  See ya again soon.

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