Thursday, January 29, 2015

She Has Arrived!

Yep.  My Saori 60 loom has arrived.  She is SO pretty!  I'm really happy she's here and can hardly wait to start weaving on her.

I might have to rearrange the rug so it is totally underneath the loom. I'll get Husband to do it with me.

Side veiw:

The footprint of this loom is tiny for a 23" weaving width loom.  The dimensions are W:26", D: 24", and H: 38".  It only weighs 34.5 lbs.  That's AMAZING.  We moved it very easily.

Okay, that's about all for now cuz I'm really anxious to get weaving!  It's only possible to weave right away on it, because it comes with a pre-wound warp, and a clipping rod for the front, and it comes pre-threaded through the heddles and the reed!  Isn't that amazing?!

More later.
Take care

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