Sunday, January 18, 2015

Saori Weaving Class

Yesterday we completed our Saori weaving class.  It was a 3 day class, the first two days taking place last weekend.
The studio is in Fairfax, VA.  Connie, the teacher, is a long-time traditional weaver, but got interested in Saori weaving, visited a couple of studios, one in LA and one in MA, and became a sattelite studio for the studio in LA.  Here is a link if you'd like to visit:  Weavin Place Saori Style  This is to the home page, and the Virginia studio has a link there too.

The studio opened in October.  My friend and I were so excited to find out there was a Saori studio here in VA!  We requested a weekend class because my friend works during the week.

Here is Gerilee and her fantastic bag - this is really only her 3rd time weaving, and this bag came out beautifully, don't you think?
Gerilee and her Saori bag
I made a lot more cloth than Gerilee did - close to 5 yards, which of course, shrunk after washing and drying.
Here is my cloth. It didn't get made into anything - yet.  I wanted to use my dress form/model that I fattened up a bit to be closer to my size.  Dress forms in this size are amazingly expensive....

Saori Cloth Jan 2015
Saori cloth wrapped around my fattened up dress form
Above shows the dress form with batting hanging out the bottom - guess I should fix that up.   The cloth I made is wrapped around her neck.  I wanted it out of the way for the moment and didn't fix it before taking pics.
Below is Laddie, one of the cute Shelties that belong to Connie, the studio owner.  He likes my cloth too!
Laddie likes my cloth too!
Here is a close up of part of my cloth.  There is a hole (just above the pink part on the left); lots of clasped weft; some fun yarn; a fluffy puffy part; silver shiny yarn; laid in yarn.  I used many techniques I learned as well as a couple that I already knew.
Close up of cloth.  Lots of techniques
 Here is what we did with the office/studio today.  Husband put up a couple of grid wall, and the hangers.  We put them up behind a table, and they are hopefully going to stay there!  I keep thinking we're going to be scared to death when they fall over in the middle of the night.....
This is all yarn I have from my previous weaving binge back a few years -  like 4 or 5.  I'm SO glad I have all this as I know I'll be using it again now!  Of course, I'm sure I'll be adding to this too!  LoL
Ready to weave!
 We also moved the sewing machine upstairs.  It sits in this little table that folds up and is very portable.  I love this table because the machine sits in a recessed area, and when you're sewing, the fabric isn't hanging off the edge of an arm on the machine.  Everything lays flat.
Sewing machine, e-spinner, drum carder, and lots of fluff!
You can also see the drum carder with a project on it that I started the other day but haven't finished yet.  Hey look, there's the Spinolution Firefly e-spinner too!  And lots of fiber and fluff around the room.

I'm really glad I took the Saori class, and I learned a lot of the techniques I wanted to learn.  If I had the $$$, I'd take more classes, become a teacher, and teach.  I LOVE this method of weaving, where there are no rules, no mistakes, and no one telling you it can't be done.  I love the way I can weave with whatever yarn I want, and I don't have to listen to anyone telling me that I can't use a cotton warp and wool, acrylic or whatever in the weft because............  There are NO rules and everything turns out and if it puckers or spreads out or whatever, it's OKAY.  I'll be weaving from my heart, and that's all I care about.  It's just like my spinning. I don't care about the rules!

I have SO many ideas in my little head.  Just bursting with ideas!  I can't wait to get started on some of it. I'll be working with my rigid heddle Cricket loom, 15" wide, for the time being.  I am going to order my Saori non-folding loom soon.  Husband is waiting for his commission checks.  Below is a picture of the non-folding Saori 60 loom I'm getting.  I'm SO stinking excited!

Saori 60 non-folding loom, 2 harness
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