Sunday, January 25, 2015

Saori, My First Finished Garment!

I finally felt like I was focused enough yesterday to measure, cut and sew my Saori cloth.

Cloth made in Saori class
I measured the entire cloth, then decided if I wanted 3rds, 4ths or 5ths out of it. I thought 5ths would be too short when finished, so I opted for 4ths.  I cut it about 30" each section.  That worked out well.  The tassels on the end I counted as part of the yardage.

I carefully sewed on each side of where I wanted to cut.  I used my sewing machine at a rather short stitch, and I stitched it twice down one line.  I then moved the cloth over under the presser foot to sew the next set of stitches so the presser foot edge was on the first set of stitches.  I hope that makes sense. I then sewed two rows (one on top of the other) to ensure I got a good, solid stitch so as not to loose any of the weaving. On a tighter weave, this is easy to do, but on a looser weave, it's easy to miss and loose some of your weaving. NOT something you want to do!

I had the four pieces, but when I put them on my new Dritz dress form, which is my size/shape (read, round), they didn't really measure up enough to reach the side seams without pulling, and losing some from the front.  I had previously (maybe 3/4 years ago) woven a piece of black cloth - I thought it would be a scarf - out of crochet cotton, just to see how it would weave up.  I never used it for anything, but didn't throw it away either.  It came in handy!  I ironed it, cut it in half, and used it on the sides of the garment in order to "stretch" the fabric - not literally but figuratively.  I just needed a few inches on either side at the side seam.  It worked great!

Here is the Dritz dress form.  I'm SO happy I sprung for it.  It's going to be a huge (no pun intended) help for me for fitting clothing for myself.  I'm now excited about the prospect of getting things to fit me when I'm done sewing them.  Something that never happened before.....

Dritz dress form with shirt and vest - front

Dritz dress form with vest - back
Above is the vest on the dress form. It's pretty darn close to how it fits me.  Below, are photos (ugh) of me (UGH) with the same vest on.

I had planned on making the vest shorter.  It was in my mind, but since this is my first try at actually fitting something to the dress form, then to me, I sort of overlooked that idea while I was concentrating on how to put this thing together.  No pattern.  Just an idea in my mind.  Nothing looks good when it's draped over my behind.....nothing at all.....

I have to say though, that I love my vest.  I love the patterns and colors.  I love that I made something one-of-a-kind, that no one else will ever have.  I love that it fits me well.  I love that I made it with no pre-planning.  I just let go, learned a bunch of techniques, and went for it.  I'm glad I decided to sew it at home, on my own.  It gave me the guts and determination to do it!

I'll be making more clothes, and learning along the way, what works, and what doesn't, for ME.
This is just SO much darned fun!!!!

Did I mention that I ordered my Saori loom?????  YES!  It is supposed to get shipped out tomorrow.  The studio in Louisiana I ordered it from, was at an event in Florida this past weekend.  They will get it shipped tomorrow, and I'm SO freaking excited.  Not quite sure where it'll fit in my tiny studio/office, but I'll figure it out.  I always do!

Well, time for me to go as I have to go get an MRI of my knee today.  So NOT looking forward to this.  I used to be able to handle anything without freaking out.  Now, I get claustrophobic, and I worry ahead of time, causing myself mini-panic attacks.  It's really stupid, because I NEVER used to be this way. I used to be the brave one, that would do anything.  Now, sometimes, when I drive away from home on my own, I start getting panic attacks.  Just dumb!  I've taken my anxiety meds that help me through these times.  I only take them when I'm really panicking.  They do help, but this time they haven't exactly squelched the rapid heartbeat just thinking about getting in the MRI and what I might have to do.  Sigh.  I thought getting older was easy.  Let me clue you in - it's not - not for everyone.

Take care and thanks for letting me share.

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