Thursday, January 15, 2015

Decisions, Saori Class, and More!

Hi there!

I attended a Saori class last weekend and have one more day this Saturday.  The class was held in Fairfax, VA.  Here is the link:  This studio is a satellite studio of one in Louisiana.  I've communicated with the owner in LA several times, as far back as 3 or 4 years ago!  At the time, and up until recently, there were no studios within an area I felt comfortable traveling to.  There are studios on the East coast, in MA, NYC, & Georgia (as far as I'm aware).  Not all that far, but not all that close either!

I was very excited to take this class, and I was not disappointed.  I learned several techniques that I was interested in learning but couldn't figure out on my own.  The cloth I'm making is going to be about 5 yards long.  I haven't finished because on Saturday, I sort of hit a wall.  I was physically tired, and mentally tired, and my body was sore from not taking enough breaks.  Rule #1 - get up OFTEN.  For me, right now because of some issues I'm having, getting up about every 10 minutes and stretching my back and legs, is didn't help that I'd decided on Friday before, to make just ONE more piece of cloth to go with the 3 I'd already made, in order to take it with me on Saturday to get some ideas of how I could piece them together, to make my jacket.

You can see the post here to see the 3 pieces I'd made prior to the last one. I don't have a picture of all 4 together...but I will get one - it's COLD outside and that's where the best photos are taken.

I haven't put the jacket together yet.  I'm waiting.  I tend to want to do the "simple" answer, and just put the 4 pieces together, and sew the seams, leaving armholes.  There are so many other ways it could be done tho, but I tend to be afraid of experimenting with the cloth I wove....

The funniest part, to me, is that I only took ONE stinking photo during my weaving!  That is SO unlike me.
Here, you can see several techniques.  On the bottom is fluffy thread loops.  When washed, this should make a ruffle sort of area as the warp will so some interesting stuff because of all the looseness of the weft.  Exciting!  Above the pink/blue part with the fluffs, is a vertical spot - that's a hole, like a button hole!  Yes, it's intentional!  Above that, is an inlay that travels.  I had a lot of fun, and I used a LOT of color!  It's CRAZY!!!

On Saturday coming, I'll go back and finish with a technique that is going to take a little time.  When I get it done, I'm hoping there is enough time to wash and dry it at the studio, then be able to cut and piece it.  If not, I'll bring it home and play with it.  

I'm excited to get a Saori loom.  We'll be ordering it before the end of January.  Here is a link to the global website. You can see the looms here .  The story of the founder is here.  Her philosophy hit a true chord with me.....

Which leads me to the Decisions part of the title of this post......I've decide to stop selling fiber.  Spinning My Wheel Fibers will finish out on Etsy, whatever is in stock, then it will quietly go away.  It really isn't what I wanted to do, but I thought if there was ever a chance of me owning a shop, and helping people with spinning supplies, I was going to hang on..........that little thought just is never going to I've decided to move on. 

All I ever wanted to do, is create.  I love creating, and worrying and fretting about the business, and trying to figure out how to get more business over others doing the same thing, was just so NOT fun.  It has just become a bother.  I've pulled out of the fiber festivals I was going to attend this year. 

My goals for 2015 are these:  I'm going to find that little rebel hippie girl that used to be me.  She went away a very long time ago, because of the need to please others, to fit in to the expectations of others, and to conform.  She's buried underneath about 100 lbs of extra fat.  She's been stuffed away for safe keeping.  Buried alive.  It's time for her to reappear.  She's in there somewhere....much, much older, but still there.  The girl that used to wear rings on all her fingers, did crazy things with her hair, and used to be a sort of rebel. Not that I want to be that young again, or do crazy things.  I just want to do what feels right, what seems to be in my heart, and to be free again.

I'm also going to do what makes me happy.  Therefore, I'll be spinning the yarn I want, weaving the cloth I want, and not worrying about what someone else might want from me, or expect from me, or what anyone else thinks of what I'm supposed to do.  The funny part is, no matter how hard I tried to fit in with what was "normal," I never felt I fit in anywhere or ever did anything right - well - right according to what I thought others thought was right.  Whew. 

I'm done.  I'm just done caring and looking for acceptance, from others.  I need to be ME.  It's not anyone else's fault ME disappeared.  It's my own.  

Therefore, I'm going to let the trapped ME out, and just go with the flow.  I'll make clothes from my weaving, stuff that fits ME, and that I love.  If someone likes it and wants to buy it off my back, fine.  I will NOT, however, worry about whether anyone else likes what I make.  It's all about me.  :-D

I want to have more time to spend doing other things I love to do also.  Photography.  Traveling.  Reading.  Chilling.  Spending time with Hubby.  Weaving!  Spinning.  

Happy 2015 to you, and I hope that if you ever felt like you weren't being the "real" you, you find a way to become that person again.  Life is way too short, and personally, I've spent way too much of MY life, trying to please others and be something I'm not. 


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