Monday, April 7, 2014

Spring, Glorious Spring.....

Hello there.
It's Spring.  Thank God.
Winter was rough.  Spring has been rough too.  But I'm here, and I'm moving forward!

We just had our grand daughter for the weekend.  She's amazing, smart, beautiful and I love that child more than life itself.  She's something!

Isn't she cool, with her sunglasses on?  She's making bows for Minnie Mouse on her Leap Pad.  Smarty pants!  I hated taking her back home. I  tell ya, if I could keep this kid, I would!  Of course, I had to take a nap every day when she took one.  I'd never get anything done, because she keeps me hopping!  So far, a weekend is all I seem to be able to handle, but I'm sure I'd get used to her being here.  :-)

Meanwhile, last weekend, we opened a little store....right here in my house!  I had received an email from a shop that I used to go to, and they were closing.  They had grid wall for really cheap, and I JUMPED on the chance to get them.  Of course, I spent almost $200 getting the feet and more hooks for 6 new grid wall panels, but hey, the panels were cheap!  LOL
Here is a photo.  This is before it's all set up, which in fact, I'm still working on.

So here it is.  Not finished yet, and by the time I do finish it, I will have to take it all down for the Powhatan Festival of Fiber.  I've already had one customer come in and she loved it - so easy to shop for what she wanted.  We weren't digging through plastic bins to find what she needed.  She actually bought more because she could see what she wanted!  Win win!  After the festival, the shop will be open for business to everyone.  It's not my "dream" shop, but it's my dream come true.  I have wanted a shop for a long time.  Until I can afford a separate building, whether that be here on the farm, or an actual retail spot, this will make me happy.  :-D

Speaking of the Powhatan Festival of Fiber, that's coming up on April 26th.  Powhatan is a small community near Richmond, VA.  Last year was the first year for this festival, and it was fantastic weather, and a fantastic turnout.  Everyone from organizers to vendors were elated with the turnout.  Come join us if you can.

Previously, I had posted that I had become a dealer for Spinolution.  I decided that I didn't like the stress of being a dealer for a company like that, so I have relinquished my dealership.  I like dealing with the fiber, and making my own spindles, much more.  So I'll be sticking to that for now.

I've been experimenting with new yarns, and have made a really crazy coiled yarn. I'll have to set it and take pics.  It's CRAZY!

Well, that's about it for now. I have a LOT of work to do, and only 19 days to do it.  So I'd better get busy. I'll try to post updates here more often.  Even the Journey to the Golden Fleece is going to have to take a back seat.  I have to spend the next 19 days preparing for the fiber festival, then I have to recuperate from the festival, then I have to do inventory to see what's left, set up the shop inside the house again, update my ETSY store (which will be on vacation for 2 weeks prior to the festival) and open it back up again, and hopefully, I'll have to place another order with Ashland Bay for more fiber (because I'm hoping I sell everything at the festival!!!).
 Take care!

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