Tuesday, February 18, 2014

What's Happening!

A lot has been going on around here - mostly in my head.  Hahahaha.  There's ALWAYS a lot going on in there!
I previously said that I'd joined a group called The Journey To the Golden Fleece*.  It's a journey that is created for fiber folk, that want to explore their journey into the fibery goodness of their lives.   I haven't been into fiber for that long.  It has been interesting this far, and I'm excited to be involved, and continue on.

At first,  I was a bit nervous, and not really sure I wanted to delve into this.  I'd realized, from watching and reading what those that had gone before me in the first offering of this course (for lack of a better term), and many of them seemed to have gone into their pasts - their personal pasts, emotional pasts, not just their creative pasts.  If there is one thing I'm sure of, it's that I never want to go into my past.  Been there, done that, don't have any desire to return to it, and don't need to.  What's done is done!  Going back, would only cause me pain and depression, and I try not to do anything that brings either of those two feelings into my life!

We received our Mod 1 on Friday.  I was excited, but I soon got a glazed over look on my face when reading.  I was SURE I'd done the wrong thing, getting involved in this.  From Friday to Tuesday (today), I was sure that I would struggle with this.....

This morning I got up, and I was in a good mood.  I decided I would be working on some inventory this morning, then I would move on to re-reading my Mod 1 of the Journey*.   I did just that - I worked on (and accomplished) quite a bit of the inventory, and then I picked up my Journey* booklet and started re-reading.  It all started to make sense and fall into place!  I would make this about my creative journey, not about my personal life journey - after all, they ARE two separate things to me.  My creative journey is happy, and my personal journey has it's ups and downs. 

I've come to realize that even though I'm exceptionally happy with my creative journey, and where I am right now working with wool and spinning and dyeing, I am not where I envision myself.....  Right now, I'm basically a retailer - I buy items at wholesale, and I sell them retail.  That is somewhat a fun part of what I do and want to do, as I do like retail and I LOVE helping others accomplish what they want to do.  For example, someone found me on ETSY and asked if I minded a local pickup.  Heck No!  I don't mind that at all!   She and I are about 15 miles from each other.  Out here in the country, that's spittin distance!  LOL.  She makes soap, and is starting to make felted soap, so she's looking for specific colors.  I can help with that!

On the other hand, I really want to find that artist side of me.  I want to spin more, weave more, make wall hangings, make art.  I have much inspiration in my life.  My own photography makes me happy - and I photograph the things I love.....like this: 

Leo, the cat.
It was 54 degrees the day after a bad storm, see the snow in the background?  My cat is beautiful.  He's a terror though.  He terrorizes the 2 small dogs we have.  He is not a cuddler unless it's totally on HIS terms.  He is, a C.A.T.  True sense of the word.  He was born feral and I adopted him from the veterinary clinic I worked for.  He's 12 now.  So hard to believe......

Anyway, there are many other photos I love.  I dream of them being transferred into my interpretation of wall hangings.....I just need to get out of my head, and get moving with my heart and hands!

This journey is going to be amazing for me, I feel, and I'm excited to continue on.

Stay tuned....oh, and I don't have my wheel yet - I think it's getting shipped on Friday.  I hope it doesn't take another entire week to get here.

Take care,

*Journey To The Golden Fleece

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