Thursday, January 2, 2014

Happy New Year!!!!!

2014!  Wow.  Who'da thunk it?  When I was young, I used to think about the progression of the years and what it would be like to live in the 2000's.  SO  many changes since I was a kid - and I'm 57 now...soon to be 58.  Egads.  2 more years, I'll be 60!  Holy cow!  How did that happen????

Okay, well, now that I am feeling quite old....not that 60 is old, but I do feel old....I'll get on with 2014!  lol

I have started dyeing fiber again.  Some of it, I've been very pleased with. Some of it, not so much.  I thought I was good with color.....but now I'm rethinking that.  I think I need to study some color theory, or somehing. I have a color chart hanging in the basement over the dye table.  I also have a chart that I took from Pinterest from a company that sells yarns, and they have put together a chart of complimentary colors for people to use when they buy yarn.  I'm seriously thinking of going to the bookstore to buy a set of Pantone color cards, or something.  I just really want to put together better colors.  Things that people will want to buy! 

I have also been dying add-ins - Firestar, Snow Mountain, Starbright, Milk Protein, and Silk.  Its fun because those things suck up the color SO easily and fast and the colors are so bright and perfect.  They will be fun to sell, and use as add-ins in my batts!  That stuff makes the batts so pretty.

I had to do inventory today.  Not fun.  In fact, I'm stalling. I did count what I have left in the basement, to the best of my ability.  Numbers are so not my thing!  I need to go through my book where I keep all my receipts.  I have to figure out what I purchased, and what I still have, to know the difference.

I also bought a lot of equipment this year.  That should slow down now.  At least, that's what dear hubby is hoping!  lol  I do want a real hackle (mine is home made) and I also would love to have a Country Spinner 2 from Ashford.  It's the kind of wheel I can really put a lot of yarn onto, and I want to start spinning yarn, so I can weave with it, therefore, I need a lot of yarn!  The kind of yarn that is consistant.  Not a bunch of short skeins that vary in their size.

I was outside with the dogs, and there was a HUGE hawk I had to keep my eye on, because he was eyeballing my little Gabbi.  She only weighs 8 lbs and I know that hawk wanted her for lunch!  After the dogs were done doing their business, I brought them in and got my camera and removed the screen from the bathroom window.  The bathroom faces the back of the pastures where I saw the hawk. Of course, by the time I did that, and got my distance lens on the camera, there was no hawk in the back.  :-(    I watched for him for about 5 minutes, but my hands were freezing so I closed the window and gave up.  I made some hot chocolate, and now I'm stalling catching up on the computer. 

Oh, I have a fun tidbit -  I had put out a request for more likes on my FB page, and because some of my new fiber friends shared the link, I went from 95 likes yesterday morning, to 134 likes today!  :-D  SO happy.  That was a nice lift of my spirits.

Okay, back to the grind.  Have a great and safe day. 

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