Saturday, December 28, 2013

Whew! What a month!

This December, 2013, was crazy!  I know, everyone's December is crazy.  Mine was a bit more stressful than usual, because our lovely daughter, gave birth to another beautiful baby girl.  Grand daughter #2 is Sydney Makayla.  She's as beautiful as Grand daughter #1 is, our little Princess Jia Michelle!
The photo above, is of the two girls, each at 2 weeks old.  New baby Sydney on the left, and Jia on the right (who's now 3 years old!).

Both girls have birthdays in December now.  10 days apart. Three years apart.  Wowsers.  Not to mention, Christmas thrown in there! 

As I mentioned previously, I have a new drum carder from Fancy Kitty - their Kitten drum carder.  It's wonderful.  I am preparing to dye up all kinds of goodies to add into batts.  I spent the morning yesterday, mixing dyes.  Someone that is a well-known fiber artist, on FB asked if anyone had any fake cashmere, dyed a certian colorway.  I do have the fake cashmere that I just purchased, but undyed - but, because I had mixed up all the dyes, the ability to run downstairs and dye it up, was immediate!  Therefore, I did.  I wasn't thrilled with the way it was coming out, and I ended up having to take a break to chat with my cousin (we chat on IM every Fri night), and when I went back, I had a new view of the fiber, and was much happier after working on it a bit more.  I cooked it, let it sit overnight, cooked it again this morning, rinsed it, put it in the spin dryer (I LOVE that thing!) and put a fan on it.  It was completely dry 3 hours later.  It's really pretty - and if this person doesn't want it, heck, I'll use it!  Fake cashmere is nylon - a very soft, spinable, nylon - almost silky.  Next to skin soft.  Lovely stuff.  Here's a pic:

The colors requested were black or gray, turquoise, greens and dark blue, and violets.  I have all that in this 3.4 ounce bit of fake cashmere!  The photo seriously does not do it justice!  It's so pretty in person. And did I mention.....soft?

I think I'll make some other fibers in this colorway also....

I haven't really spun much - I really NEED to get back to spinning....I did corespin some fiber but it was only about an ounce, and didn't go very far.  I don't have photos yet.  It was the first batt I made on the drum carder.  Since then, I made another batt, and it is quite a bit larger - over 4 ounces.  I'm really happy with it.  

This batt has blues, greens, yellows, and sparkly stuff.  There is really sparkly stuff (Angelina) in the center.  There are other fibers that are sparkly and soft too, like silk and nylon, and hand dyed.  It's yummy, squishy and so pretty!  Oh, and there is some very small silk pieces cut up in there to make it a bit lumpy art batt.  This batt is for sale in my ETSY shop.

I will be working on a schedule, being more in tune to actual production, whether it will be spinning, making batts, weaving, or dyeing, at the start of January. I have a show in the end of April to be prepared for, and we have 2 10x10 spaces for that one.  I want to be able to fill it and have people have room to walk around and have lots to choose from, to include batts, yarns, dyed and undyed fiber, and finished items.  I'm hoping to double what I made last year at the same show.

That's about all the news from me for now.  I hope your Christmas or other holidays were wonderful and joyful and full of good things, and all your wishes came true.  I also hope that you have a wonderful, safe, and happy New Year on Jan 1st. 

See you in 2014!  Take care.

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AJ (The Quilting Pot Podcast) said...

Hey Martha! Wow, another beautiful granddaughter. Give my congrats to the, yet again proud couple.