Tuesday, November 19, 2013


I took a deep breath, walked into the shop called Knit Wits, and asked the owner if she remembered discussing with me a couple of months ago, that she would like to carry my hand spun yarns in her shop.  She said yes, she remembered!  She liked the yarns, and she bought them outright! 

One thing she said was she thought they were priced way too low for hand spun.  That isn't the first time I've heard that.  I think I will have to stop feeling like I'm pricing my yarn too high, and try harder to have faith in my handiwork and KNOW that my yarns ARE worth more!

Some of the yarn I took to Knit Wit Yarn Shop (located in Sperryville, Virginia). Link: http://www.knitwityarnshop.com/


I sure hope they sell, so I can get busy making more!

Meanwhile, I have lots of fun ideas for where I'm going with my business.  I've had a couple of good discussions with people about opening a shop. Most people don't advise it, unless you have a LOT of capital to keep it going through the bad times.

I've also had some good discussions about where I want my business to go - the direction I'm headed.  I have a friend I met on FB, and she's been a fiber artist a long time.  She told me the other night that she learned that if she's doing what she loves, it sells. She doesn't worry about what people think or what people say they think she should do.  If it comes from the heart, it will sell.  Well, I can handle that. 
The other person that I've had these discussions with, is Dear Hubby.  He's a very smart man, and he is a salesman.  He has a different point of view on things.  Sometimes, he makes a lot of sense to me.  Other times, he doesn't really "get" what this involves, what kind of people it attracts, and how this business works.  So I take his advice, I process it, and then I make a decision based on what I feel about what he said (and what I've learned, and others in the business I've spoken to).

At this point, I'm reselling fiber - so that basically makes me a retailer.  Selling the fiber is good for making money (when people buy) but, it's not very creative and it's kind of dull, and it doesn't exactly stretch my creative side. 

I'd rather be MAKING things, using my creative side, and selling the yarns I make, and the garments I make, and the other items that give me so much joy in making (like the dream catchers).

So I will be moving my business in a new direction, while still (for awhile at least) providing the fiber for those that want it......we'll see how long I continue to do that. 

Business has been very slow on ETSY.  I don't know why, but I'm working on it.  I update items every few days.  I'm running a 10% off sale right now through the 25th.  Lots of views, no sales. 

I really wish I could afford to either put a decent building on the property, or better yet, open a shop.  Sigh......

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