Saturday, November 30, 2013

ETSY shop update

I have a few new things in the ETSY shop here

They are batts, a hat and fingerless gloves I dyed, spun, crocheted, and 2 new blending kits!  I've been busy but need to be busier.  I'm trying really hard to incorporate the things I think will sell, and I keep trying to improve business. It's slow.  Sadly so. 

The batts are from fiber I blended which consists of commercially dyed merino wool, and some hand dyed fiber such as Firestar, Silk. and nylon blending fibers. 

The blending kits are from hand dyed BFL wool, silk, Firestar and Snow Mountain nylon, along with some Leceister Longwool locks and fiber that I bought and dyed myself.  Fun stuff and all very soft.

I went wild with some yarn I spun, trying several different methods of spinning, and absolutely LOVED what I did.  It wasn't a lot of yardage, but enough to crochet a hat and fingerless mitts.  Cute cute cute, even if I do say so myself.

Here are the pics:
Cap and Gloves

Blending kits

Batts for Spinning

If you know someone who spins, please feel free to share this blog post or my Etsy shop link.

Thanks, and take care.

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